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Bale to Manchester United will never happen, their time is up.

Posted on June 28, 2013 by Guest Writer

David Moyes wants Gareth Bale as a statement of intent! as intent of what exactly? United might have walked away with the league title last season but the squad continues to age and Scholes has gone AGAIN. It is doubtful that Moyes will be able to persuade him to play again next January if they are in trouble and so far there is no sign of his replacement. Perhaps United are banking on the Barcelona starlet Thiago Alcantara, they are reported to be offering him a wage of close to £130k pw which seems a lot for someone so inexperienced.

The appointment of David Moyes does sort of make sense as he seems to have been cut from the same cloth as Fergie, the difference though is that with Everton he had a pretty settled small squad, the team almost picked itself and he just needed to get absolutely everything from the players. At United he will have some bigger stars to contend with and every one of them will expect to start in every game, Fergie got the balance right and rarely was there unrest at the club, if there were then the player left.

It does seem that Fergie has managed to leave the club on a relative high, title winners by a margin but unable, again, to make any impression on the Champions League,but that does seem to be hiding the fact that the squad is starting to look old and tired with several of them the wrong side of 30, some much more than others. There is work to do in most areas, he must surely choose his keeper for all occasion, defensively reliance on Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra cannot be guaranteed and who will accompany Carrick in midfield? He has the Rooney situation to resolve and even problems with his wide players as Valencia, Nani and Young all seem to have underperformed.

Of course it is not as bad as it seems reading this as United won the league easily last season and with a huge points total but were they ever really convincing? none of the experts ever really thought so, and with Fergie and his general, Scholes gone unless Moyes hits the ground running and manages to bring in a few quality additions I really don’t see them winning much at all.

RVP will score goals, Baines will join United, De Gea will be their no.1, Rooney will stay and Bale will remain with Spurs, 5 predictions and here’s is another no League title for United this season.

13 to “Bale to Manchester United will never happen, their time is up.”

  1. Lillywhite says:

    “5 predictions and here’s is another no League title for United this season.”

    why cant we predict how well we can do as opposed to predicting how others will fall. This is my problem with our supporters, never on our merits always waiting for others to fail. We dont care if we finish top four, we just dream to be ahead of Arsenal so 10th is fine so long as they finish 11th?. We dont say our squad is great, we say, the others are crap. Negative group we are.Lets sell our one man team and buy a real squad, focus on us winning instead of utd et al losing

    • Tony says:

      Hello again gooner, with no mention of Arsenal in this article you still manage to bring them up.Why so interested in Spurs could it be fear?

  2. lillywhite says:

    Hi Tony- lol, I understand my pesimism (sp)makes me appear as a gooner. I am interested in SPurs as I have been since the late 70’s and appreciate your banter here as you seem the optimist supporter, i am glad there are fans like you but I am more pragmatic and realistic when it comes to juding our club

    • tom says:

      lilywhite your not fooling anyone, how can you just be interested in Spurs from the late 70’s. If you don’t SUPPORT them your interest is obviously as a goner and you are still upset at living in Spurs shadow for almost all of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Spurs have had to do the same for most of the late 90’s and early 2000’s but for the past 8 years no success for you other than top four. Not much of an achievement is it? Spurs one outing in the Champions League lit up the tournament and spurs smashed records, defeated the holders and both Milan giants. Spurs showed exactly how it should be done at the first time of asking. Inexperience cost them away in Madrid and the run was over but the next effort will be coming next year and they will be ready and prepared.

      • Sam says:

        So you are desperate to finish in top four next year. As you said , not an achievement.

        • Tony says:

          Wrong Spurs don’t see top 4 as an achievement but stepping stone to title winners. spurs really do have more ambition than arsenal and don’t knock it that should be everyones aim, sadly Wenger has been happy with 4th.

    • grant says:

      The optimistic supporter! every single Spurs supporter is optimistic and finally believe that the day is beckoning when their club will win the league. The squad is now chock full of class, youth, experience and players desperate to win a major trophy and they now have one of the great coaches of todays game in AVB. the day of the dinosaur Wenger is around the corner and he will go along with Fergie within the next year. Don’t start thinking AVB will work for the gooners because they havsn’t got enough good players to interest him.

      • Sam says:

        In those 8 years, Wenger has build the new 60000 seater stadium for gooners. I can’t see AvB be at Spurs for that long.

  3. Thierry says:

    What tosh! avb cannot be mentioned in the same breath as wenger, and to suggest sucvh a thing is ludicrous, you are deluded. Spurs one time in the tournament and u smash records? beat both milan teams? i ask, so what? have you won it? no so stop spouting rubbish. Its not like arsenal have never beaten madrid or inter milan or ac milan or bayern munich away, or got to the final, 3 semi finals, you lot are clueless, and its these sort of statements that make you the laughing stock of every other football fan. No fans are hated universally more than spurs, i love it.

    • craig says:

      I agree AVB is more up with the times and the old master has been left behind as is clear from 8 years of pain. By the way have Arsenal won it NO the only regular English club not to, Chelsea, United and even Liverpool managed to win it. I give it 2 years and Spurs will win it, a true cup team and led by the the next great coach. Spurs are far from being the most hated team in fact they are many supporters second team and have one of the fastest growing supporters networks worldwide.

      • Sam says:

        Bale will be leaving very soon, AVB will leave soon as well. House of cards will fall. Think with your two brain cells that where you would be without Bale. One man team.

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