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Bale was stressed but who cares about the fans?

Posted on September 05, 2013 by Scraggs

Over the past twenty-fours hours or so there have been many features in relation to Gareth Bale’s stress as he was agonising over whether he would get his transfer to Real Madrid, with it came a windfall of about £10m and a six year contract at £300k per week, if it didn’t work out either because Real Madrid couldn’t or wouldn’t come up with the funds, or, Levy said NO  then he would just have to make do with his measly £120k per week from Tottenham and an alleged £20m lump sum from Madrid if they didn’t make it happen.

All of this absolutely stinks, he was obviously tapped up and he or his advisers spoke with Madrid before all the fuss started to leak out, he is even actually confirming the stories from Marca about wearing the shirt as a kid of nine or ten, most boys did that when they went to Spain, many children also bought straw donkeys but they didn’t go on to buy a real one as a pet or means of transport.

As all of these stories were leaked from Spain and taken up by the media of the UK and the rest of the world while Tottenham supporters were left to worry about their team and what the possibilities might be if true, Bale has stated that he knew of Madrid’s interest a few months ago and I began to doubt Tottenham as a result before remembering Paulinho’s words when joining that the clubs ambition was what attracted him and their resolve to retain Bale and AVB, even AVB said in numerous press conferences that Bale remained “not for sale”,he was Tottenham’s player that he was depending on for the season.

Many have condemned some of the articles written castigating Bale’s actions in this sordid affair and stated that until he himself came out and said he wanted to leave or handed in a transfer request that they stood by him and did not believe any of the hype. It is now becoming  increasingly obvious from virtually every interview  Bale has since given that he was complicit in the stories leaked and that he had a massive hand in creating the situation, he didn’t hand in a transfer request because of the money it would have cost him and his silence and involvement was completely disrespectful to all Tottenham supporters.

The losers and those that have been stressed more than most in this dragged out shambles has been the supporters who never waiver from their hopes, dreams and love of the club. As the momentum built and more and more stories started to appear Bale spoke to nobody and supporters were left to stew and worry, his fake injuries preventing him even the decency to make a final appearance at White Hart Lane is a disgrace, no farewells just disappear without a trace to Spain. Now he can’t shut up and is talking to anyone who sticks a microphone and a cheque under his nose.

As always the fans know last and nobody really gives a toss, how much easier would it have been if Bale had simply said ” no Champions League and Madrid are interested in me, if the clubs can reach a deal I would like to leave” I think every supporter would have accepted that as a valid reason but would have still expected him to justify his wages until it happened by appearing for the club and bidding farewell to us.

As things have turned out Tottenham have made it a decent transfer window with all the early deals ensuring hope this coming season, imagine another season like the Berbatov fiasco with the Frazier Campbell loan as compensation and the money in the bank.

I’m sorry but Bale had plenty of opportunities to handle this in a decent way and I am offended that he still professes his love of the fantastic supporters of Tottenham and yet refused them the opportunity of bidding farewell to him and him to us. His time and efforts while with the club were first class and there were many great moments but for me he has tarnished his reputation and my memories of him.




1 to “Bale was stressed but who cares about the fans?”

  1. tom says:

    just about sick of the sound or sight of his name now as he just proves what a money grabbing mercenary he really is. With every interview he gives the truth comes out that he and his agent plotted and leaked info to make this happen. 11 of hearts goods won’t be purchased by me.

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