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Bale:the myth of the one man team.

Posted on August 24, 2013 by Tony

From Christmas onward last season Tottenham were commonly referred to as a one man team and as we all know that one man was Gareth Bale. He was of course a very important member of the team and finished the season as the clubs top goalscorer with twenty one premiership goals. Quite how and why this accusation was leveled at Tottenham is a bit of a mystery, probably one of the pundits on TV made a glib comment and it was taken onboard from there. Of course Gareth Bale did score a a few late goals to turn draws into wins, West Ham, Southampton and Sunderland were the games in question, that earned an extra six points but hardly constitutes a surprise or turns him into a one man team, Norwich, WBA and Everton all scored late goals against Tottenham early in the season costing seven points, Gareth Bale failed to score or assist in any of those fixtures but of course that does not make him a failure.

Gareth Bale is a fantastic player and could potentially become as important as Ronaldo or Messi in time, he could just as easily have had the best season of his career already. No sane Tottenham supporter would have been happy to lose the services of Gareth Bale but once the fee got to such ridiculous proportions and they realised how many top players could be bought on the back of the fee there have been fewer and fewer voices of dissent.

Last summer all the doom surrounded the transfer of Luka Modric who was then quoted as being the clubs most important and only world class player, the season started slowly as usual, after eighteen games of the season Bale had scored just six goals, four of them away from home suggesting he was still unable to work out how to get the better of defensive tactics. He did improve and went on to score another fifteen league goals scoring in eleven of Tottenham’s next twenty fixtures. much of that improvement stemmed from the whole team finally clicking and getting to grips with the tactics and methods of AVB and it seemed as though Bale recognised that fact. We should also recognise that with the goals that came from Bale, Tottenham did lose the assists that he provided in his earlier years, whilst goals are the main ingredient, creation is also important.

Tottenham will quickly recover and again improve following Bales departure, in all honesty most believe that that the best bit of business done in this transfer window is the amount extracted from Madrid and the five or six quality players bought with that money to massively improve the squad.

A couple of articles have suggested that this turn of events is a bit of a gamble by implying that all the new players will have resulted in a massive increase in wages, not so, top earners Parker, Gallas, Bale, Bentley, Jenas and Dempsey have made way for the new influx while Huddlestone and Caulker were not paid peanuts. I would bet that only Soldado will be on anything like those senior players that have left.

After a single game and with two fixtures still remaining before the transfer window closes Tottenham are already a point better off than last year after three games, and three better than the year previous, had that been replicated  in each of those two years Tottenham would have been in the Champions League on both occasions.



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