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Barca set to trigger Vertonghen release clause!

Posted on July 12, 2014 by Guest Writer

There isn’t much that can surprise me in football as clearly just about anything is possible in this day and age, if a player on 3220k pw wants to leave because nobody made a fuss of his 31st birthday! if any club is prepared to pay over £40m for Ozil and if wayne Rooney who is clearly well past his best can win a new contract to pay him £300k pw then clearly all bets are off BUT though it is conceivable that Jan Vertonghen could head to Barcelona during this transfer window it is not at all possible that it will be because of a buyout clause.

Surely by now every club in Europe and their supporters know of the Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, a hardnosed business man who fights for every penny, a chairman who dragged £33m out of United for Berbatov who was sat in Manchester on the last day of the transfer season and was effectively on strike, £18m for Carrick and over £20m for Robbie Keane from Liverpool when they were a real champions League team.

The last 2 seasons has seen him drag something like £120m from Real Madrid for two players reluctantly sold but to allow enormous investment in the team before the new stadium is built which will probably curtail spending for a while.

Though little would surprise the football fraternity there is one likelihood that does seem improbable and that would be a contract with Tottenham that incorporates a buyout clause that would allow an important player to be snapped up for a set fee. Daniel Levy does not do buyout clauses especially ones that might let an important player like Vertonghen go for as little as £17m when the club paid £10m for him, imagine one of our premier league competitors snatching him from us for as little as £17m, I can’t.

Vertonghen might very well move on this summer, if he does it will be on the clubs terms and a suitable replacement will be found if it happens, he is a very good player when the mood takes him though based upon last seasons performances many tottenham supporters might not be overly bothered. If it is true that Barcelona are seeking a central defender it is a little strange that they might have plumped for Vertonghen based upon last seasons form, he was impressive at the World Cup but as a left back! you might think that they would target one of the other 3 centre backs that Belgium used during the competition.

This current rumour eminates from an unsatisfactory source and goes on to say that Vertonghen is only third choice and will only be pursued if they are unable to sign either of the other two targets. As was suggested on the JTN site recently expect contract news on Jan Vertonghen soon.

3 to “Barca set to trigger Vertonghen release clause!”

  1. BigH says:

    Press is full of crap. Anti spurs all the way. However, with the news the Staduim’s going ahead Levi will be looking to sell anything that makes money…..typical beautiful stadium with no one in it….

    • John Gooner says:

      The Emirates Stadium gets pretty full 🙂

      • Tony says:

        you have had the extra income from a bigger stadium for 7 seasons and in that time have picked up just one FA Cup. We Spurs supporters are looking forward to see how long it takes for the extra income from a bigger stadium to have an effect and whether it does help bring success. Much will depend on having the right man in charge I suppose.

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