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Barcelona get their man and it isn’t Vertonghen.

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Scraggs

Barcelona have confirmed the signing of  Jeremy Mathieu the 30 yr old defender from Valencia for a reported 20m euros, that should be the end of all the speculation surrounding our own Jan Vertonghen and will hopefully lead to another of our important players signing a new extended contract. Of course if this does turn out to be the case Tottenham must not relax as they still need to bolster the defence with the acquisition of a right sided central defender to play alongside him once Michael Dawson has signed for Hull.

Hopefully Jan Vertonghen now buckles down and regains the form he showed in his first season at the club, of course once Ben Davies has signed on there should be no further necessity to switch him to left back, a move that helped destroy last season for him and for Tottenham. My hope now is for Danny rose to stay and fight for his place in the team, there will be occasions when Davies needs a rest or a different option is required down the left and it would be better to have Rose for such circumstance, we do not need to find ourselves in the situation that Naughton has to switch flanks or move Vertonghen from his standout position in the centre.

13 to “Barcelona get their man and it isn’t Vertonghen.”

  1. Gunner says:

    Vertonghen reminds me I’d vermalen very good potential but needs a cb beside him to lead the line and call the shots

  2. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    Spurs got their World Class pair in Ben davies and Vorm!! Ha ha…

    • Tony says:

      Our backup keeper is now better than your first choice while you carry on looking for a rightback, monreal set to be loaned out. Ha ha

  3. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    Szcezny 16 Clen sheets only matched by chech. Ha ha.. Vorm is incredible. We all know that. Lol. Davies not even a swansea regular.

    • Tony says:

      Davies been a Swansea regular for 2 seasons, as for your keeper keeping all those clean sheets what do you expect of a team in the top 4, always going to have decent record but doesn’t mean they are better than say the Cardiff keeper, if joe hart was in goal for city all season he would have had more.

  4. Akhil says:

    How? City had 16 clean sheets last season and arsenal had 17. Woj had 16 and he didn’t play the last game. How hart would’ve had more clean sheets? You say we’re a top 4 club thats how he kept 16 clean sheets at the same time liverpool and city both had less clean sheets than arsenal. How many clean sheets did their keepers have? Accept mate, he isn’t as excellent as lloris but he is surely consistent and reliable and deserved his golden glove…

    • Tony says:

      Hart only played in 31 games to your keepers 37 do I have to explain any more? liverpool made the top 4 only on the strength of Suarez goals/assists not defence and i have explained city. No mention of chelsea with cech having same in 3 less games. I won’t accept it and nor will many gooner supporters, credit for equal share of glove but he is not in the class of Lloris.

  5. Akhil says:

    Monreal is a left back first of all. He’s our back up lb and if he leaves we’ll surely bring a better one… So why ha ha? Ha ha at spurs defence because even with lloris at goal they concede above 50 goals!!!

    • Tony says:

      A £10m backup for Santos who also cost millions and left for free, you were forced to play vermalaen there because of the problems you have in finding a decent left back. perhaps Real Madri have a £40m left back they no longer want.

  6. Akhil says:

    Gibbs is our first choice lb and monreal is our 2nd choice. What is your problem? Last year vermaelen played there because both were injured at the same time… You played your best cb there simply because you had only one recognised lb? I think. Worry about your defence mate. For all the class you claim Lloris is, he’s error prone, whereas ours is solid and reliable. he’s only 24 and can improve. First of all hart was dropped from his team because of his poor performances. How many points did he cost city. City had 16 clean sheets and arsenal had 17. If both have played all the games, our keeper would’ve still had more clean sheets. If you were to say something, make sure it is right. We’ve almost signed colombian goalie ospina for 3.2m pounds. Our back up is better than yours. Your goalie is slightly better because of his sweeping. Ours is a better shot stopper or atleast as good as yours. Lloris is error prone whereas woj is reliable.

    • Tony says:

      Monreal cost £10m and was bought as the finished product, that’s the point you have spent all that money on another dud like santos. You really are a saddo, it is generally considered that Lloris is one of the best in the world but your lot can’t bring yourselves to accept that because he plays for your nearest competitors. Face it we have the best keeper as well as a few others in other positions.

  7. Akhil says:

    Why cant you worry about levy overpaying for your players mate? 26m for soldado for scoring penalties, 2 open goals? Your striker was shi* mate. Atleast we’re overpaying for world renowned stars. They have a resale value. What does soldado have? Ozil and sanchez are only 25 now. Soldado is 29 and doesn’t score enough goals just to ship him out for decent money. Lol!

    • Tony says:

      At least werr overpaying for world renowned stars, hahahahaha, that’s funny. they say Soldado value has dropped by about a third so less than £9m, Ozil similar resale £28m losing £14m, add to that half the wages and it.s clear you lose more. Having said that we still expect our man to produce this season which might well be the case for ozil too, we will see.

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