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Barcelona next for AVB?

Posted on October 14, 2013 by Scraggs

AVB still has much to do before he can be satisfied with his work in London and whilst employed by Tottenham, Champions League qualification and a trophy is the aim for this season and if successful then we shall just have to see where it takes us next. AVB has often spoken of his ambitions for the future and has been clear in that  remaining a football coach is not in his long term plans.

Every Tottenham supporter hopes that AVB will remain for the long haul and take the club to great heights at home and in Europe, unfortunately if he achieves his ambitions with Tottenham it will become ever more difficult to retain his services as the super rich will come calling, Chelsea acquired his services after just a single year of success at Porto and paid hugely for his services, just recently PSG sounded him out about replacing Ancelotti who abandoned them for Real Madrid.

We understand that AVB has a three year project and with that comes a three year contract, as far as we are aware there have been no discussions or suggestion of extending that contract, although nothing has yet been achieved. Real Madrid have been muted as having an interest in AVB and with the most expensive player in the world in their ranks, the thought of Bale and the man who was the coach and instrumental in ¬†his best ever season might appeal to, a still underachieving, Madrid. It is doubtful that PSG will ever go away and AVB is a close friend of the owner whilst in the Premier League what chance Manchester City? perhaps if the new man doesn’t produce after a couple of seasons.

AVB scouting Barca players .

AVB scouting Barca players .

AVB has ambition and hopefully he will use that to lead Tottenham to a period of great success but we all know that nothing lasts forever, even Guardiola left for a break and a new challenge in Germany, AVB will probably take on a new challenge at some time in the future before he takes his break or perhaps even retires from the game, PSG will remain a possibility but Spain remains the more likely destination, and rather than Madrid AVB seems to have more affinity to all things Barcelona. He has a great admiration for the entire setup and in particular their youth system that churns out stars.

During the international break AVB was seen watching a Barcelona B fixture, no doubt on a scouting mission for Tottenham but also studying the style and approach of Barcelona. AVB and all his teams tend to play in a similar fashion to Barcelona already, the high line and winning the ball back as far up the pitch as possible, possession being all important.

The style,ambition and structure of Barcelona certainly seems to suit AVB, way more than the hit and miss approach of Madrid and so they remain the more likely destination if AVB should ever leave Tottenham and Barcelona ever want him.


3 to “Barcelona next for AVB?”

  1. 6YardsOut says:

    This is rather pointless tbh.

  2. Eric says:

    Should stay with us for minimum 5 years,build a legacy n move only if he wants to

  3. mick says:

    Ambitious man and if Spurs can challenge then he will stay. Would like to see him take Tottenham to the top and think he is capable, he has the ability to bring the very best out in players, Bale had that one exceptional last season and just maybe he can get Townsend close as well.

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