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Bentaleb to choose France or Algeria over England.

Posted on January 21, 2014 by Guest Writer

With the World Cup in Brazil approaching  young Nabil Bentaleb, with just a few games in the Premiership behind him and at just 19 yrs of age, might possibly be on the plane with either the French or Algerian squad. There has been speculation that a three way fight might ensue with England also considering using the 5 year rule to propel him into the England team, the problem there being that it will be 2017 before he becomes eligible to be chosen.

Obviously it is early into a young career but Bentaleb has taken the Premier League in his stride and looks likely to be an important part of Tottenham’s future for years to come, under Tim Sherwood he has become a regular in the team and he has never yet let them down. ¬†Born to Algerian parents, that would seem the route that would best provide him with involvement in the competition this summer and they have now qualified for the World Cup finals on four occasions and two consecutively.

Born in Lille, France. his inclusion in the French squad still remains the most likely probability, he appeared for their U19’s in 2012 but although there has been no recognition since then his Tottenham performances under the gaze of the French captain Hugo Lloris must have been duly noted and he will surely be under more scrutiny from hereon in.

While Nabil has obviously settled well in England and he must be very satisfied with life at Tottenham, for the moment simply because by choosing England as his preferred International option he would have no chance of representing his adopted country in this years World Cup or even the Europeans two years later. Though very young with a long way to go there are already some that are beginning to believe he might already be ready to step up to a higher level, in fact it is already being reported that Algeria are preparing to call him up within the next month or so, but perhaps France will also show their hand and make contact as a result of his outstanding recent showings.

My guess is that France will win the day provided that they show a willingness to pursue the player, Hugo Lloris will surely be on the case along with Etienne Capoue, as well as that France are in the process of rebuilding and even though they have had their problems in recent times they still have an impressive array of talent and are steadily improving.

Bentaleb has made a remarkable impression in little more than a month around the first team, it is still far too early to judge what the future holds but first impressions are very favourable, there will be times when his form deserts him and the occasional mistake occurs and then will be the time to discover just how good he is or he might become. At the moment he gives the impression that he finds Premier League football all too easy, so much so that his performance levels are still actually improving, he is already an impressive athlete, he stands over 6’1″, he is quick and has strength and stamina and just now it is not clear who best to compare him to or to know how his game might develop.

It certainly seems likely that sooner rather than later Tottenham will have another fully fledged International on their hands, right now we don’t know whether it will be as a French, Algerian or as an English International but somehow I don’t think that a three year wait for England is at all likely. Les Bleus or Les Fennecs seem to be the logical choices for this young talent.

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