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Benteke long game makes no sense.

Posted on July 08, 2013 by Guest Writer

One or two newspapers have suggested that Daniel Levy and Tottenham will drag out the purchase of Benteke from Aston Villa until the last moments of the transfer window if necessary, for some reason the suggestion has been put  forward that this will enable them to buy the player far cheaper than the current valuation put forward by his club.

Thinking back on other instances of this nature just why is there a perceived reduction in valuation by using this method, Dimitar Berbatov to Manchester United resulted an overpayment by United with the fee finally set at £30.75m, a huge fee for Tottenham but no time to find a replacement, a few years back Chelsea eventually parted with £50m for Torres, a good player, but off the back of a decline in form, far too much. Liverpool rushed out and replaced him with Andy Carroll for £35m and it is doubtful that many would argue that the amount was probably two or three times his true worth.

Just last season everybody was aware that Tottenham were desperate for more firepower, time was running out and the deal for Adebayor was dragging on and on, Manchester City were equally desperate to remove him from their wageroll so on this occasion it was not about the fee so much but the terms of the players contract, Adebayor held the whip hand and dragged the best deal possible from Tottenham and City.

None of these deals resulted in any buying club getting a bargain and any suggestion that Villa will buckle and let him leave for less than they value him are deluded.

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