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Benteke to Tottenham off the agenda.

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Scraggs

Christian Benteke has been the firm favourite of most Tottenham supporters to be targeted as the solution to the striking problem for this coming season, there has been talk of a Tottenham offer having been made of a large cash sum and Jermaine Defoe in exchange and this does not sit well with me. We hear all too often that a star player of a club has been targeted and that the offer is cash and player(s) and it is never true, there have been occasions when there have been player exchanges as part of a transfer but the selling club are the instigators of the enquiry for the makeweight, who then has to agree terms and make the final decision as to whether he is willing to be a part of the deal.

The Benteke situation is becoming increasingly troublesome in that the player has become hugely important to his current club, they will demand a huge fee, quite rightly, and  we are still dealing with a young player with just the one season in the Premier league behind him who could well be found out this coming season or just fail to carry on where he left off. Tottenham cannot rely on potential alone this coming season, Liverpool found to their cost that Andy Carroll was not the answer to their prayers having only recently burst onto the scene, Tottenham really must try to secure the services of a frontman with a track record and plenty of experience, a goalscorer who has proven year on year that he can provide the goods and that is why I believe that Roberto Soldado or Jackson Martinez will be the men targeted with perhaps David Villa as an alternative if things do not go as planned.

AVB will know that if he can acquire another 20 goal a season player to go with the goals he will expect from Gareth Bale then Tottenham should rack up even more points this coming season, Dempsey can be relied upon to add to the total as will Sigurdsson and the other 2 strikers which he will surely have, be it Adebayor and Defoe or a replacement for one or the other.

This transfer window is no time for taking a gamble on inexperience in the all important striker department or to invest all their eggs in an inexperienced Benteke or a young South American with no European football experience, unless either could be picked up relatively cheaply in addition to the experienced player then, in my opinion, it is doubtful that Tottenham will take that path.




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