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Between Spurs and Liverpool as Davies bid accepted.

Posted on July 16, 2014 by Guest Writer

Lots of media outlets are now reporting that a bid of £10m from Tottenham for the young left back Ben Davies has been accepted by Swansea, it is further reported that he has been withdrawn from tonights friendly in Milwaukee strongly suggesting that something might in fact be happening.

Tottenham today headed off to the States to commence their pre-season tour and might very well return with another left back. Liverpool are  apparently still in the mix though they have yet to increase their offer from the initial £8m turned down earlier this week, if their interest is sincere then an extra £2m shouldn’t present a problem but their preference for the Spanish international Moreno might ensure that the Welsh youngster plumps for the team that has never wavered in their pursuit of him and looked elsewhere.

This is one of those transfers that should go the way of Tottenham as their track record with developing youngsters has been tremendous in recent years, as they also have a coach that helped further develop the potential of Luke Shaw and numerous other Southampton players in a relatively short space of time, where better to continue your career. On the other hand as Tottenham supporters if the player plumped for Liverpool and their brief excursion in the Champions League the only concern would be a little trolling from their fans while we went about finding a decent alternative.

The next few days might well prove interesting.

2 to “Between Spurs and Liverpool as Davies bid accepted.”

  1. Gunner says:

    I’d pick spurs pool had a one off season in fairness ye are usually just outside the top four by a point or two and have blown a couple of decent chances but are always in the mix! Pool without Suarez is a sinking ship

    • 4everspurs says:

      When you think that Suarez scored 31 goals, 12 assists and probably another 12 from winning pens , free kicks and corners he accounted for half their goals at least and yet the scousers seem to believe that they will improve. I have lost count of how many ex players have said they won’t follow same route as Spurs last summer yet they are and then some. United will improve as surely they can’t get worse than last year but they have too many weaknesses to challenge for a title and are being turned down by the special players. Haven’t seen many clubs go about improving their defence at all yet and that might prove crucial.

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