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Can English clubs really hope to compete in the Champions League?

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Guest Writer

Bayern Munich travelled to face their nearest rivals Dortmund yesterday and managed to win by a rather flattering scoreline of 3-0, they lead the table having racked up eleven wins and two draws already this season. Bayern haven’t lost a league game since October 2012 which is a sad indictment of their league at the moment even though two of their teams battled for the trophy in the Champions League final last season.

Over in Spain the top three teams all won convincingly scoring sixteen goals between themselves without reply, even third placed Real Madrid have opened a ten point gap to fourth place with more than a third of the season gone. The Spanish and German leagues are becoming more of a procession with each passing season, when Bayern can take the best player from the second placed team in that league and also seem set to take their star striker next what competition is there.

The English Premier League has also been dominated by teams in the past but generally four or five with the title having gone to ¬†one of four teams over the past ten years or more, as each year passes the job seems to be getting more difficult as borne out by the fact that only Arsenal of the usual leaders have managed to gain a respectable amount of points so far and Manchester City are languishing in ninth going into today’s fixture.

How can the English clubs hope to field their strongest lineups and retain the fitness of their players going into Champions League fixtures when they must fight tooth and nail in almost every league fixture for fear of falling out of the top four. English clubs do not have the luxury of being able to field weakened teams prior to a Champions League game whereas Bayern, Dortmund, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and PSG can afford to do so knowing that even with a second string team they are likely to win their league fixture and whilst a defeat might upset their hopes of a title their pace in the Champions League is never likely to be in danger.

As the English Premier League continues to get stronger I believe that the likelihood of European success dwindles, there will undoubtedly be the odd win but the time of repeated domination is likely to be over for some considerable time. Barca, Madrid and Bayern will continue to have the upper hand for a while yet.



3 to “Can English clubs really hope to compete in the Champions League?”

  1. jay hickman says:

    why do you keep typin about the scum for?! also just cause spurs cant make it into the champions league doesnt mean the big top four of man city, man utd, arsenal and chelsea wont get into it… they have been in it regularly and man utd have won it twice, chelsea have won it once so what exactly are u goin on about ffs… stop tryin to downplay other teams successes just cause u’ve talked up spurs and its comin to haunt u

    • Guest Writer says:

      If the scum are in the top four what do you expect us to do ignore them you moron. The article is not about the english teams getting intothe top four its about have a decent and regular chance of winning the thing. If you don’t understand the concept of the article don’t comment it makes you look stupid.

  2. jay hickman says:

    also u claim madrid, barca and bayern will dominate yet when bale was rumoured to be goin to one of these three especially madrid, u was on here typin how madrid are rubbish and cant win… u typed how bale would not win anythin with them and that he would be winnin the league etc if he stayed at spurs cause we are gonna win everythin- those are ur words you typed on here yet now spurs are a complete shambles like i predicted in august u’ve now written a bitter article about english teams and how they wont get into the CL just cause ur now gettin proven how clueless u are about football and spurs… thats why true spurs fans like me dont open our mouths and continiously brag then talk about how we are goin to win the title cause true spur fans know not to expect anythin until it happens, ur a gooseberry bandwagon fan and now ur lookin like a total fool… do what us true spurs do and shut ur mouth up u idiot

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