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Can Newcastle help Tottenham? don’t count on it.

Posted on May 19, 2013 by Tony

So it comes down to the final game of the season, assuming that Tottenham do their job and beat Sunderland at White Hart Lane they must then rely upon Newcastle United managing to prevent a resurgent Arsenal from winning on their patch. Can they do it? well of course anything is possible but I can’t help thinking that this team under Pardew no longer puts the frighteners on visiting teams as they once did.

Newcastle have been poor defensively and offensively for most of the season, their last 2 home fixtures have resulted in a 3-0 defeat to hated neighbours Sunderland and an even more depressing and embarrassing 6-0 defeat to Liverpool, Pardew promised a much improved team following a number of purchases during the winter transfer window and they did manage a couple of wins and improved performances for a short while, which as it turns out has probably saved them from relegation.

Newcastle’s fans will do their job and roar the team on but they have such a brittle defence and powder puff attack that I can only see goals for Arsenal, unless safety from relegation has such a profound effect that midfield and forwards can express themselves to such an extent that they can put pressure and fear into Arsenal then I fear the worst for them and Tottenham.

Much has been made of a £1m pot for non playing staff should Newcastle beat Arsenal but it is almost certainly absolute rubbish and would make no difference anyway, maybe the players would put in that little bit extra if the money was to be shared between them but to expect them to give any extra for others is a bit farfetched.

Every Tottenham supporter and many impartial supporters will probably be hoping that Arsenal are eliminated and another of the old guard is downed, 15 years of failure in the competition and total concentration on finishing in the top four this past 8 seasons shows that Arsenal lack ambition for anything other than the windfall from Champions League football, My gut feeling is that they will manage to pull it off once more but it will only put off the inevitable as Tottenham, Everton and Liverpool continue to gain on them before at least one passes them by this coming season.


2 to “Can Newcastle help Tottenham? don’t count on it.”

  1. tom says:

    Surely Newcastle won’t want to finish the season with 3 home defeats and no goals scored. Let’s hope their pride ensures that they at least give it a real go and the gooners have some worrying moments at least.

  2. whlspur says:

    I just don’t think Newcastle are strong enough or Pardew a good enough coach to halt Arsenal. Regretfully it will probably be all over by halftime. I hope that I am wrong and if so will be the first to admit so but cannot see it happening.

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