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Can Spurs really grab that top four spot?

Posted on January 18, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

With just seventeen games of the season remaining Tottenham are sat in a good position just a couple of points off fourth place although their goal difference probably accounts for another point lost as it has done in previous seasons. The teams immediately in front of Spurs are Everton and Liverpool who both have very different attributes, Everton are tough, resolute, difficult to beat yet under Martinez have also begun to play some excellent football while Liverpool have plenty of goals in them especially while Suarez remains fit or free of suspension.

Just behind us in the table lie the current champions of England Manchester United, struggling to come to terms with life under Ferguson as well as what is an ageing squad, nevertheless not a team to be underestimated when you consider that Rooney and Van Persie will probably soon return from injury.

So what do Spurs have to offer in terms of competing with that triple challenge and continuing their pursuit of Arsenal, City and Chelsea who are still afterall within comfortable reach with two  of them yet to visit White Hart Lane. Well in what has been a dramatic season with seven new arrivals, few of which have yet settled, the loss of AVB and worst of all Gareth Bale, it is probably a minor miracle that Spurs are still even in the mix and anything still remains possible at this point.

How have Spurs remained in contention? Clearly Spurs are blessed with some fantastic players, despite being without key players like Vertonghen, Paulinho, Townsend and Sandro since early December the remainder of the squad have remained unbeaten in the league with just an unfortunate draw at home to WBA as a blemish on Tim Sherwood’s record as head coach. the squad have had to adapt to new ideas and quickly, they have fought to win the day despite some indifferent performances and as things stand with some big players now close to a return this season might yet be a special one.

Man for man Spurs are a match for any team, though the City strikers are currently the defining force in the league, provided they manage to stay in contention in the next couple of games allowing for those injured to regain their place in the team, then thereafter nobody will relish facing Spurs. There still remains the expectation that Soldado and Lamela in particular finally settle and find their true form and if Paulinho can transform some of those chances he finds into goals then anything is possible.

Would anybody at the moment put any of their hard earned cash on either of the two teams from Liverpool remaining ahead of Spurs? probably only the most ardent of supporters, similarly United are being written off in many quarters and that is always a dangerous assumption.

This season has a long way to go but I would suggest that the current top seven will remain the same come the end of the season but that the order will change for every one of them, here it is now followed by my prediction, what’s yours?

Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
 1 Arsenal 21 22 48
 2 Man City 21 36 47
 3 Chelsea 21 21 46
 4 Liverpool 21 25 42
 5 Everton 21 15 41
 6 Tottenham 21 1 40
 7 Man Utd 21 11 37

Predicted positions come the end of the season:-

1. Man City





6. Man United


16 to “Can Spurs really grab that top four spot?”

  1. Eric says:

    Forget top 4, city with that gap won the title with only 4 games left.Very much possible but our gd can become our biggest hurdle

  2. tom says:

    Eric I like your style but I’ll be gutted to lose the title on goal difference.

  3. Caleb says:

    Arsenal fan here

    For a few weeks I’ve been listening to pundits go on about Liverpool bing title contenders then I looked at the table and noticed they were only 2 points clear of spurs. I was quite surprised and spurs do have a big chance to still get that top four spot

    • Tony says:

      Cheers but it’s vital we get some wins under our belt before March when we have a few tough games incl Chelsea, Arsenal and everton..

    • Eric says:

      All about perspective.If pool lose today and we win tomorrow then we will be above them yet the media will term them as title contenders and us as a club in crisis.Similarly I feel city and chelsea have the best Chance to win the title but arsenal are in it with a chance too and yet the media thinks otherwise

      • Tony says:

        Oh dear Liverpool shoot themselves in the foot again, every time rodgers opens his gob his team blow it. Spurs win tomorrow and they go level with the title hopefuls.

  4. BigH says:

    Would absolutely love it if we did. Realistically though I think we will miss out. We are lucky enough to have some tremendous players, but I feel tactically Sherwood is simply not up to getting the best of of them. Hope he proves me wrong

  5. Caleb says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. Swansea are a tough side to play against and I think spurs may struggle and if I were to predict the score I’d go for either a 1-1 or 2-0 spurs

    • Tony says:

      Should match their 5 in midgield as they are capable of having too much possession otherwise. Agreed this is not only a tough one but is crucial with City next week.

  6. Boobaspur says:

    Hard to know what result to hope for in the Chelsea v United game. Let Chelsea have all 3 and deny United any, or a point a piece. Much as I hate to say it, I don’t think catching Chelsea is likely, so denying United any points today may be best for us.

    Shame cheating Suarez dived and fooled the referee. No way that was a penalty. The goalie definitely pulled his arms away. The 3 MotD clowns say it was a penalty, but I don’t think so. Very lucky Liverpool, Villa deserved the win.

    I think a poor result for Everton Monday night would put us in a great position for 4th, which I think is a definite possibility.

    Of course Arsenal also have to bottle it and when they do, hopefully hit freefall.

    4th place, why not 3rd or 2nd… XD

    Tough one today, we badly need to start scoring – COYS

    • Tony says:

      What we have to do is just keep winning we are up first win that and a draw will do but have to reckon on chav win. If Soldado finds his shooting boots I think a few above us could be in for a shock.

  7. Alee says:

    Hard to say who’ll get that 4th place, or the title. I think how the various clubs do in the Cup competitions they’re still respectively in will determine if they fail to reach their targets.

    So, for the title, Man C are best equipped to juggle all their competitions and could easily win 3 out of the 4 comps they’re still in. As for 4th, I think the fact we have the EL ball and chain to drag around will sink our CL hopes and Everton will make 4th… Maybe.

    1. Man C
    2. Arsenal
    3. Chelsea
    4. Everton
    5. Spurs
    6. Man. U
    7. Liverpool

    • Tony says:

      Both Everton and Liverpool have the FA Cup to play in with comfortable games that should mean they continue, have to agree that City are the standout team but hard as it is to say Chelsea somehow will probably be their nearest challengers. All to play for still but as it stands my guess would have to be-

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