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Capoue reported to have signed for Tottenham.

Posted on August 07, 2013 by Eddie S

Latest indications from France seem to suggest that 25 year old Etienne Capoue has signed for Tottenham in a 10m euro deal. Capoue had looked set to sign for Cardiff with whom a fee had been agreed although he has long been a target of both Tottenham and Arsenal.

Capoue is predominantly a defensive midfield player although he is still often referred to as a very capable defender, hopefully he is not being considered to be the temporary replacement for Steven Caulker due to mounting injury problems. If he has signed for Tottenham it surely spells the end for Jake Livermore and Scott Parker, hopefully it  is not as an alternative for Sandro if he is experiencing injury concerns following knee surgery in January.

This one if true has probably come a little out of the blue, he is certainly another quality addition, is  very capable at what he does and extremely powerful in the air standing at 6’2″ AVB is certainly adding ever more pace and power to his squad.

Expect to see a couple of outgoings to happen quite soon now as the midfield area continues to become incredibly overloaded. What was expected to be a transfer window of relative quiet and modest squad improvement is now looking to become a massive overhaul programme and another period when lots of players need to become acquainted with the methods of AVB. There must be a little concern that the team will not be ready or sufficiently acquainted with one another to start the season with a bang, what with so many newcomers and injuries to many of last years regulars it is likely that the team chosen for the first fixture will be shorn of several it’s regular starters.



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  1. Calarsenal says:

    Spurs have one of the best midfeilds in the premier league don’t understand why you’re signing more when the ones you have and replacements are unbelievably strong, you need to sign some attacking players and defenders

    • Tony says:

      it’s a strange one thats for sure.

      • Calarsenal says:

        Getting worried though spurs just don’t look like they’re going to stop this transfer windown

        • Tony says:

          It looks like there might be a few more upgrades yet and another £100m to spend. my only concern is it is too many and it will again take a few months for them all to gel. It has got to be a bit worrying though as it appears Arsenal are struggling to start, if they are solely concentrating on getting suarez they might end up with nothing, Liverpool can’t possibly sell to them if they want champions league they will just hand initiative to Arsenal.

  2. Calarsenal says:

    I think we will get Suarez but it is worrying that if we don’t we have no back up striking option. I wouldn’t call capoue an upgrade but I haven’t seen much of him so he may be, I also doubt spurs will spend £60 million and spend another 100million but I could see you spending 80/90 maybe even 100 million this window

    • Tony says:

      His stats for last year were excellent but then the French league isn’t at its best, an upgrade on Parker but then he hasn’t been first choice for a year anyway.make you right they won’t spend it all but will keep a big chunk to work with in january.If bale goes i wouldn’t be surprised if Hulk or Willian comes in. do you honestly think Liverpool will sell you suarez, they want to go for top four if they lose him to you they have zero chance, with him they have some hope of top four although still doubtful they could finish ahead of both north london clubs.

    • craig says:

      suarez will cost £50m or more if they sell and his wages over £200k pw, Higuain was only £32m and £120k pw so why did Arsenal not see it through. You must be concerned this transfer window will be like all the rest.

  3. Calarsenal says:

    His wages wouldn’t be over 200k also higuain is well worth 30million at most but not for 40million euros he was made to look average at the emirates cup all be it in pre season. Tbf in the rest we have picked up some very good players like cazorla still think we can swing Suarez if he wants to leave Liverpool

    • Tony says:

      he is on 120k now and a £50m player is going to want to be at least on a par with the likes of rooney and rvp, he will be a £220k man.. do you think that the likes of suarez is so important scoring goals wasn’t such a problem for you, defensive midfield players and more defensive quality would seem more important in my opinion. It’s not about what suarez wants, liverpool want to be back in CL and handing the best goalscorer after van persie to arsenal will prevent that happening not just this season but for at least the next 4 or 5 can’t happen and wenger knows it. sorry but you supporters are being lied to again, no suarez, no higuain, no fabregas, no rooney and no fellaini.

  4. Calarsenal says:

    I didn’t know you have viewed suarezs contract yourself to know he’s on 120k a week. I agree we need a really good cdm and maybe a new centre back to come in for mertesacker despite him being a decent defender his pace is just too risky to have if it came to a one on one. Well most places have reported that Suarez wants to leave and that is why the deal has a chance of happening because players have a lot more power nowadays. Even if we don’t get Suarez or the others you mentioned I’m sure that arsenal as a club will eventually sign some good players this window

    • Tony says:

      his wage has been well reported especially when he signed new contract last year. liverpool owner has now said zero chance of selling to arsenal so on to plan J is it. that £70m has now gone up to £80m with sales but nobody to buy, Bernard has gone to shakhtar and all the other targets are staying or want other clubs. is it wenger or the club/owner?

  5. Calarsenal says:

    Was quite gutted to hear that Henry said that.but there’s always a possibility. I don’t like people saying 70million is what we have we will spend what we can wether it’s less or more. There are a shortage of players now but I’m sure the board and wenger will have more then one option wether its a quality striker or a winger who can play in strike. I’m not really sure last year we wrapped up our 3 signings very quickly but this year is heading the way of the arteta,mertesacker year

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