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Cardiff battered into submission by title contenders.

Posted on September 23, 2013 by Eddie S

You won’t see a headline like that but it would be a true reflection of yesterday’s Tottenham victory rather than all the other misleading headlines such as “Mackay rues last gasp loss”, “Mackay bemoans cruel Cardiff day” or “Late heartbreak for City”. Cardiff are obviously to be commended for their heroics in fending off this Tottenham team yesterday, especially their keeper David Marshall who was outstanding. Their coach Mackay was upset by the failure of his striker to go around Hugo Lloris to open the scoring and also felt that the disallowed goal should have stood when clearly both Lloris and Dawson were fouled but any suggestion that Cardiff were hard done by is ridiculous.

Yesterday at the home of Cardiff City Tottenham tore their team to shreds almost at will, twenty-nine efforts on goal with the majority on target, Cardiff managed to worry the Tottenham defence just six times, Lloris was not called upon to make a single save and so preventing Campbell going around him was his major contribution, to be honest virtually all of Cardiff’s opportunities arose from sloppy play by Tottenham rather than their own quality.

Never doubt this squad's ambition. Paulinho's first Premiership goal for Tottenahm

Never doubt this squad’s ambition. Paulinho’s first Premiership goal for Tottenham

Whilst we should give credit to the Cardiff team for their efforts there remains a feeling that there might have been more sympathy for them and their coach if they had actually put more emphasis on winning the game rather than sitting back and being content to absorb the pressure, Cardiff were afterall the home team and whilst it is acknowledged that Tottenham have the better players had the boot been on the other foot as a supporter you would wish for more bravado.

Had Tottenham triumphed by four or five goals it would have been a fairer reflection of their ability and superiority but to have teams sit back and defend both home and away is a price we must pay for the improvement in the ability and expectation of this squad.

There are still doubters as it seems that the ex-players of Liverpool, Arsenal and United who dominate the media are reluctant to acknowledge just how good this Tottenham team have become and how much they will likely improve this season, Alan Shearer seems to be coming around and even Hansen is showing a little more respect without the negative ending that he always reserves for Tottenham.

Let us be clear we at JTN and no Tottenham supporters are stating categorically that their team will win the title this season, no supporters of any club in their right mind would, what most are saying is that Tottenham now seem to be on a par with every one of the clubs that finished ahead of them last season, they probably have as good a squad, or better, than a couple of them and they have a coach practised in the art of winning silverware, simple respect and acknowledgement would be acceptable at this point and we shall then just have to wait and see how the season pans out

It might not happen this season for Tottenham but the belief is that the long wait for another league title might not be that far off in the future.

8 to “Cardiff battered into submission by title contenders.”

  1. JL says:

    Statistics looks good.. But we need to put more of them in the net soon.. I’m really hoping Soldado starts his goal flood soon..

  2. Eric says:

    hoping striker shortage doesn’t bite us,we need a back up in the Jan window

    • Tony says:

      need to get Chadli and capoue back then sit Sandro and Capoue in front of back four and unleash the creative talent as another alternative. “they shall not pass”.It’s strange because I am not overly concerned as in the event of a problem with both jd and soldado we still pay Ade’s wages and he would have to earn it, also the team and squad is set up so that apart from the two main strikers several of the squad should add 4 or 5 goals each and a few should be good for double figures e.g. Paulinho, Lamela, sigurdsson, Chadli and Erikson.

  3. Soldado needs to put away some of those shots he has. Top striker but needs to beat the keeper more.

  4. Jide says:

    Talking about being deluded and out of their mind, it is only the Woolwich goners seem to think they have won the league already with their one man team!

  5. Jide says:

    It does not ever bother me what the so called expert and ex players of Liverpool, United or Arsenal have to say about Spurs, we can have the best team in the league, they will not give us the credit we deserve. The credit they gave on Sunday had to be prised out of their mouths through clenched teeth. The press will only reluctantly give us the credit we deserve this season. They have already started giving Moyes all the excuse he needs for the drubbing United got at City. Just wait until Spurs lose at home and see their venom unleashed. The bias is unbelievable.

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