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Carragher believes Suarez should sign for United or Chelsea.

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

In Jamie Carragher’s article in the Daily Mail today he suggests that Liverpool’s Luis Suarez is actually too good to play for Liverpool and Arsenal and if he were to leave it should be to a club not only playing in the Champions League but capable of winning it. He goes on to say that should the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich seek to buy him then Liverpool should not stand in his way. Obviously he did not actually say that he should be allowed to sign for United or Chelsea but by his own distorted argument that is what he implies as being a reasonable solution.

Sometimes I despair at the comments of these pampered professional footballers who have never lived in the real world and hold beliefs totally alien to the rest of society and football supporters. Real Madrid have not won the Champions League since 2002 nor have they reached a final, even the great Barcelona have been frozen out for 2 years now. Based upon his argument Manchester United and Chelsea who have both won the tournament since Madrid and have reached mutiple finals should be considered as possible destinations for Suarez, or does he? Of course not, his comments are designed to fill the pages of a newspaper with drivel and to offer the best case scenario for Liverpool, if any one of the three European teams who could afford him were prepared to take on the great player that is Suarez and the baggage that accompanies him it would of course suit Liverpool as a club, they cannot possibly sell to a rival for a top four position and entry to what everybody seems to want,  the  Champions League.

While everybody continues to think that the likes of great clubs like Liverpool and Tottenham are not deserving of fantastic players like Suarez and Bale nothing will ever change, or not without great difficulty. change and variation should be encouraged, last year Swansea and Wigan won the cups in England and every impartial supporter probably applauded their achievements, a few years ago Tottenham had their one venture in the Champions League in it’s current format and lit up the entire tournament, Gareth Bale himself was truly discovered in the fixtures against the Milan giants.

Just why the likes of Carragher should think that the Champions League should only be available to the top players makes absolutely no sense, when United, Chelsea, Madrid or Barcelona play their second string players because they have secured entry to the knockout stages or when teams from vastly inferior leagues and their players take part do they moan, of course not. The tournament should continue to welcome teams and players from other less established and currently inferior leagues, by the same token it is essential that teams like Tottenham, Everton and every other club with ambition to attempt to retain their very best players without being criticised for doing so. Daniel Levy is being accused of being greedy for demanding £100m for Bale but with that demand he is also taking a stand against the wealthiest clubs, he is not refusing the player his move although he would prefer he stays, but he is making that statement and then it is up to the buying club to match their words with action in the form of cash and lots of it.

Tottenham and Liverpool both have the ambition to become not only Champions League clubs but clubs who aim to win the competition one day and before that the English Premier League title. Rather than ridicule and suggest their best players should move on they should be encouraged and applaudedthem for trying to change the way of things in the Premiership and hopefully Europe.

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