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Champions League or money? Money wins.

Posted on June 22, 2013 by Scraggs

Every year we are reliably informed that star players at clubs will either leave in order to play in the Champions League or that transfer targets are unlikely to join a club only involved in the Europa Cup competition. Clearly this idea has now finally been put in it’s place as this summer some of the best players in the world have opted to join the likes of Monaco, with no European involvement of any sort, as Moutinho, Falcao and Rodriguez have all completed the switch from regular involvement in the Champions League to a promoted club. the deciding factor is obviously money.

Suarez was linked with a transfer long before this summer but he was persuaded to stay with Liverpool for a significant wage increase, this summer will probably see a different result as Real Madrid are desperate to sign a character and he is certainly that, he will also be offered even more money and that will probably clinch it.

Tottenham have experienced this problem more than most as Modric was unsettled a couple of years back by Chelsea’s interest, he cited Champions League football as his excuse but we all know that money was his motivation. Daniel Levy managed to hold out on that occasion but probably had to agree to a transfer a year later if Tottenham again failed to qualify. It is likely that Tottenham face the same dilemma again to an extent, Gareth Bale does seem more than happy to give it another go for Tottenham this coming season and to smooth the process he will most likely be given a far better contract with another significant wage increase, in his case, as arguably the 3rd best player in Europe on last seasons form, he has earned a wage commensurate with his importance.I do fear though that Tottenham must qualify next season or he to has probably been informed that he will be allowed to leave if Tottenham fail to do so and are then offered a fair price for him.

At this moment Gareth Bale is not consumed by the thought of more money, although his advisers will know his worth, he still seems to be playing for his club, his teammates and for the glory that he believes that they can achieve as a group, and he really does not wish to uproot his family at this important stage of their lives.

Many top players joined City for money and the possibility of future success, as is now the case with Monaco, before them it was PSG and Chelsea as well as a few others, there will be more of course as the super rich take their pick and take control. Abramovitch has recently been credited as the pioneer of the era of super rich owners buying success, but we all know that it was Jack Walker at Blackburn who began it all 10 years before Abramovitch came onto the scene.

Every club has lifelong supporters who are not swayed by their teams success or failure, they stick by them through thick and thin, they would all like to see their heroes also stand by their team, and many do up to a point, but when all is said and done money eventually rules.

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  1. aaaa says:

    Paulinho to Spurs, money wins!!!

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