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Cheating Chelsea says fearful Wenger.

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Scraggs

Following news of the likely transfer of Juan Mata to a Manchester United team that has faltered and become easy prey to any team with sufficient belief, Arsene Wenger has publicly stated that he believes that the deal is as much a plot by Chelsea and Mourinho to manipulate the destiny of the league title. Coming so soon after Chelsea completed their two games against the fading champions Wenger has stated that he thinks the deal has been approved in an attempt to improve United sufficiently to pick up points when they play City and Arsenal so giving Chelsea an advantage in the chase for the title.

I have to agree that there might well be some truth to what he says especially when it is so rare these days for the top clubs to agree transfers to clubs competing at the top and for trophies, Tottenham have declined to sell Bale and Modric to Chelsea and United, Chelsea refused to release Ba to Tottenham or Arsenal, United refused the Rooney move to Chelsea and Liverpool stood firm over Suarez.

Most other clubs would probably consider that the sale of Mata for such a huge sum when he is no longer wanted by Chelsea, is far more preferable than the loan system that is almost a cheats charter, all of last seasons top four have been guilty of loaning expensive recruits to teams that they don’t consider a threat, City and Chelsea have been guilty of buying far too many players, some youngsters needing games to develop and some purchased at huge expense that become surplus to requirements. Adebayor from City to Tottenham a couple of years ago certainly helped Tottenham which in turn helped them take points off their competitors, City did win the title that year by a whisker from United though Tottenham took no points from United . Chelsea have continued to loan Lukaku and others and he did conceivably help Chelsea retain their top four position, this year the same player is doing the business for Everton who have only lost two games and are taking points from those around Chelsea.

Arsenal are also responsible for loaning players within the Premier League although none with the same quality of the Chelsea and City loanees, there is no comparison between Gareth Barry, Scott Sinclair, Lukaku, Bertrand and Moses whereas Arsenal had Chamakh on loan at West Ham last season who is now at Palace.

Many are suspicious of Chelsea’s motives for selling Mata to United, whilst it might help them in the short term it could conceivably come back to haunt them next season, United have the funds, clout and name to put matters right or perhaps Chelsea really do believe that they are a spent force for the foreseeable future.

Wenger might have a valid point regarding the timing of the sale but he really cannot have any complaints, he has the same opportunity to go into the transfer market as United  but worse for Arsenal is the signal of fear his outburst suggests, with Arsenal sitting top he should be preaching confidence but these comments suggest that he is anything but that. United have been struggling all season and Mata, being a fantastic player, will help them, but he alone will not turn them into a force for the remainder of the season.

Wenger and Arsenal seem to be running scared of Chelsea and City, they only have to play United the once with just three points at stake which suggests that Wenger might already be looking for excuses if Arsenal end up empty handed for a ninth year.

5 to “Cheating Chelsea says fearful Wenger.”

  1. Jide says:

    Why is Wenger complaining? He wants Spurs to sell Holtby to Schalke so that he can buy Draxler. Thinking about it, the objective is the same. Doing everything you can to get ahead of your rivals.

    I just hope Mr Levy continues to stand firm. We cannot be seen (directly or otherwise) to be helping those Woolwich Gooners by selling one of our best players.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    I’d suggest the 35 or so million is the main incentive.

    Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous…

    • Tony says:

      So do you think United have made a second panic buy? crazy money from a club in the proverbial, even that prick venables said that they should look at Paulinho and Dembele as targets, Levy would love that- £40m each.

  3. craig says:

    Mourinho has the measure of Wenger and will take the 3 points when they meet, he has already started to wind him up by admitting everybody knows he doesn’t stop moaning.
    The games begin and Wenger hasn’t been on the winning side for more than 8 years and counting.

  4. Stantheman says:

    Wow, even Pellegrini is saying the same thing now how pathetic, it’s ok for them to use their wealth to outbid and outpay everybody for top players and for them to loan out those they no longer want to competitors. how about no loans of players in same league, can’t play in cup games against teams in same league or to give everybody a chance a cap on fees and wages.
    don’t see the problem with outright purchases but not happy at all with the current loan situation it’s a false situation. Didn’t see anybody moaning when Chelsea sold Sturridge to Liverpool last year but it still affected things all around them.
    Either there is a transfer window or there’s not it’s the same for all but loans within the same league is the real manipulation. Lukaku to Arsenal on loan would make sense for both teams wouldn’t it!!!!!

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