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Chelsea interest in Willian makes little sense.

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Eddie S

Not only is it interest but it seems that the deal is all over bar the shouting, Mourinho has confirmed that the player has chosen and it is obviously the extra money that Chelsea can offer. Looking at the list of players that Chelsea have the addition of Willian really adds nothing, they are overloaded with attacking midfielders all of whom purchased for enormous fees.

There is a rumour doing the rounds that Juan Mata might be used in return for Wayne Rooney although Mourinho suggested otherwise and David Moyes has reiterated once again that Rooney stays. Perhaps one of Mourinho’s other comments was more telling, he stated that he wished for a 22 man squad full of quality and that might tend to suggest that perhaps Victor Moses is about to depart, if he goes Chelsea would only have 5 British players 3 short of the number needed and so the squad would have to be reduced by 3.

Once Willian joins Chelsea will have no less than 10 midfielders plus 2 defensive midfield specialists, throw in eight defenders and at least a couple of keepers and that is his 22 man squad without Torres, Lukaku and Ba to consider. I can’t help feeling that perhaps Abramovitch might be behind this, Daniel Levy has held the whip hand over him, first with the Modric situation when Abramovitch failed to get his own way, he was probably fuming again when Levy stepped in and took AVB who has turned out to be all that Abramovitch hoped. Last summer Chelsea again stepped in to pinch Oscar from under Tottenham’s nose. This smacks of buying a player to prevent him going to Tottenham rather than needing him, just who expected this outcome or considered that Chelsea might spend another £30m on the type of player that they already have a few of.

I would like to think that Levy, Baldini and AVB could bring him back on board but money talks and Chelsea will be offering millions more in wages, this is another one that got away like David Villa so on to the next. Based upon some of last nights performances a few players showed fantastic ability and hunger, if Willian is not up to a real challenge AVB has no shortage of players that are, while Baldini will almost certainly have a couple of other ideas up his sleeve.

Shocked and a little disappointed but not the disaster that it once would have been.

2 to “Chelsea interest in Willian makes little sense.”

  1. wandering yid says:

    Not surprised or disappointed. The man is a mercenary ready t sell himself to the highest bidders. Not the type of player fit to wear a Tottenham shirt

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