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Chelsea lead Tottenham in race for Hulk-by about £20m probably.

Posted on July 06, 2013 by Guest Writer

With some ridiculous comments attributed to Hulks situation let’s make it perfectly clear, unless Tottenham can get the player on loan with the intention of buying if everything pans out, there is little chance that he will appear at White Hart Lane wearing Tottenham kit next season.

Zenit only bought the player in September of last year at a cost of between £40-£50m, his time in Russia has not been to the liking of the club nor the player, and with the World cup in Brazil only a year away Hulk might be beginning to worry for his place in the team.

The player has reported offers from Chelsea and Tottenham, how recent is anyones guess. If Chelsea lose out on Cavani, who seems their preferred option, then they might turn to Hulk and feel that £40m will probably seal the deal, for Tottenham even £20/£25m seems a lot for the type of player he is and they would almost certainly believe that there are far better options out there for that sort of money.

I think that the Hulk story probably emanates more from the player and his people who probably wish that the move to Zenit had not happened. Perhaps the chance to work with his old mentor AVB appeals to him as that season at Porto was the most productive of his career, if AVB can again get the best from him in a team formation that suits his abilities then it could be a win win situation, but Tottenham will not take that chance at the fee that will be demanded.

If Chelsea are truly in the frame then that is probably where he will end up, if I had to guess where he will be playing next season then I would choose Russia.

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