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Choose your new look England team.

Posted on October 13, 2013 by Eddie S

On Friday night Roy Hodgson made a bold decision which was whether to bring in a bright youngster with no fear or to go with a safety first option, townsend or milner was the dilemma that he faced and thankfully he gambled and went with Andros Townsend who lit up Wembley. In the bigger scheme of things Townsend is still a youngster in terms of first team football at Tottenham, the Premier League and especially International football, much could still happen in his career. Whatever the future holds his performance and stunning goal will forever be remembered by the player himself and every England fan who witnessed it.

For the first time in a while the whole country has been galvanised into a little belief that England could do better than many performances suggest, not winning the world Cup by any stretch of the imagination, but giving any team they face a genuine challenge and more importantly a real chance of succeeding. That is what hope from a great performance does, for too long now we have been left disappointed by the so called golden generation but still every England coach seems intent on retaining the old guard. Every coach appointed seems to have a target and that is always qualification for the upcoming tournament, either the World cup or European championships and so their reasoning for sticking with the experienced is understandable to some extent. Now is the time for either Hodgson or any future appointment to be given just one criteria “Build a team capable of winning a trophy within four years”.

Would you support this England team?

Would you support this England team?

Should England manage to overcome Poland on Tuesday and qualify for Brazil no England supporter truly believes that the current team has a realistic hope of success, the knockout stages and the luck of the draw being realistic propositions. If England went to Brazil with a young team willing to battle and give it a real go most would be proud of their ambition in trying to build something special for the future, and” trying “would still remain the relevant word as there would be no guarantee of success.

It won't take much to change the last team.

It won’t take much to change the last team.

There is always room in any team for experience and Hodgson would need to take this into account but imagine an England team with four or five fearless youngsters like Townsend, players that you will see give everything they have in an effort to win, supporters are willing to accept and applaud effort no matter the result.

By now the England team should have evolved much more than it has, this might make a very interesting England team, it contains plenty of experience, players for the future and others still in their prime, more than that it is a team full of players that are winners.

In Fridays fixture against Montenegro  Hodgson was foced into changing the team because of injury to a few regulars, there were five changes to the team from the last outing and seven from the team that drew in Montenegro in March. Think of all the other younger players still seeking a run in the England team like Jones, Smalling, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Stirling, Cleverley and Walcott who is still only 24 ! There are others of course but they need the experience now. Take a look at the Belgian team, they are the up and coming power in Europe with Vincent Kompany at just 27 yrs of age as the old man of the team.

Wembley is the stage for a huge event on Tuesday, win and England and Roy Hodgson will have the opportunity to take a youthful squad to Brazil next summer, a squad that does not go there expecting to challenge for the trophy, as in the past with the so called “Golden Generation”, they will go there with a squad aiming to compete and give it their all and possibly cause an upset or two along the way. What do we have to lose? stick with the old guard and it will all end in disappointment as it has so many times in the past, take a chance and who knows, at the very least it will be great experience for the youngsters to take forward, let’s face it what will it achieve for the likes of Lampard, Johnson, Cole,and a few others unlikely to be available or even playing by the time the next tournament comes around.


8 to “Choose your new look England team.”

  1. Caleb says:

    For the World Cup next year
    Johnson Cahill jagielka cole
    Wilshere gerrard
    Walcott Rooney townsend

    • Tony says:

      Is your name Capello? only terry missing.haha

      • Caleb says:

        Too many people putting out a side that is too young an have no experience, it’s only a year away the side won’t change too much

        • craig says:

          look at Belgium company is the oldest at 27 and they have an average age of about 24, I would back them everytimr against England at the moment. If your good enough your old enough. I think people forget how old rooney and Walcott were were when they first played for England. I think that is the point they should have been playing and have more experience by now. Baines is currently the best lb in the country and is 28 yet has only 20 caps, ridiculous, he has been the best for a couple of years or more yet only plays when cole is injured. 2 or 3 experienced players is plenty and they shouldn’t be 34 or 35 yrs old, 27 and 28 is experienced and baines,cahill,rooney fall into that category.

          • Caleb says:

            I agree that we should encorporate youngsters but suggesting caulker and sampling is a bit off for next year if you ask me

          • Tony says:

            Probably agree with you would keep cahil. as the experienced one but need some pace at the back that one of the other two brings.not really sure what has happened with Jones was expected to be the big star a couple of years back

  2. whlspur says:

    Hart Walker Cahill Smalling Baines Wilshere Barkley Townsend Rooney Chamberlain Sturridge.and make Rooney captain.bench to include any of keeper Johnson Walcott,welbeck,caulker jones, cole, stirling,

  3. craig says:

    Hart Walker Smalling Caulker Baines townsend Wilshire barkley welbeck rooney sturridge

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