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City and Chelsea play fantasy football, AVB builds a team.

Posted on June 07, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

The two clubs that have underachieved in terms of the amount of money spent are both City and Chelsea, it is true that both have won important competitions but the clubs owners have not been satisfied and so Mancini of City and Villas-Boas, Di Mateo and Benitez have all paid the price. Even Mourinho was sacked because of the style of play and lack of European success.

Manchester City have not formally announced their new manager but having seemingly been snubbed by Guardiola it looks as though Pellegrini will be the new man. Having already spent hundreds of millions in preceding seasons the club go about more building in an attempt to overhaul their neighbours and fend off the chasing pack, they have already brought in a Brazilian midfielder and a Spanish winger for something like £50m and it won’t stop there. City already have a formidable array of attackers but it seems that one or two will be moved on and that will mean a huge outlay on their replacements. Aguero has recently signed a huge new contract and is safe, but City had already ditched Balotelli in January and there is talk of the demise of Tevez and possibly even Dzeko as well. There goes another £50/60m to replace them.

Chelsea have now announced the re-appointment of Jose Mourinho, as another club snubbed by Guardiola they were left very few options having hired and fired most of the best of the rest. As a result of the return of the “Special One” the tabloids are now awash with stories of him and his transfer targets, Eden Hazard being miraculously transformed into a 50/60 goal a season player and his reunion with Terry, Cole, Lampard, Cech and Essien. Today he is plotting to buy Cavani, Hulk, Jovetic and Schurrie for a combined total of about £120m on top of contracts probably averaging £10m a year each.

The battle is on between City and Chelsea to buy the best offensive players out there leaving the scraps for the rest of the division including United, Arsenal and poor old Tottenham. United are already the leaders of the pack having dominated the league last season, but they will need to make adjustments due to the age of some of their important players, they still have the financial clout to do so but not to the extent of City and Chelsea, whereas Arsenal have always had money Wenger has been reluctant to spend it, or rather waste it, competing with the mega rich, as a result success has drained away as players have left seeking riches and trophies and it remains about finishing in the top four, at least for now.

Tottenham remain the poor relations of the four clubs finishing above them, they are not paupers by any means but currently cannot compete in fees or wages on players, any expenditure is now carefully managed and the players acquired must meet the criteria of improving the squad and with the potential to bring profit or at the very least not cost the club a fortune, Rebrov, Bentley, Postiga and a few others have cost the club in the past. Tottenham have it seems appointed a coach in AVB who has great qualities, he is tactically astute with brilliant ideas, seems to bring instant improvement to a team (Chelsea apart) and manages to improve the team and individual players at the same time (something Mourinho has talked of).

Very few clubs are able to fund instant success and the problem that both City and Chelsea have found is that it does not guarantee continuous success, they have both had to resort to additional spending sprees just to keep up. United keep rolling on, Arsenal are still there and Tottenham are closing the gap because the infrastructure is in place at all three clubs and recognition that there will be times of difficulty but for them throwing obscene amounts of money at it could lead to bigger problems at a later date. Financial Fair Play Rules anyone.

When success does come the way of Tottenham, and it will, it will be so much the sweeter knowing it has been earned and not bought with a billionaires money, afterall we have one ourselves in our owner Joe Lewis.


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