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Confederations Cup has added attraction for Tottenham.

Posted on June 15, 2013 by Guest Writer

The Confederation Cup starts this evening and in days gone by most would hardly be giving it a second glance, this year interest is far higher particularly for Tottenham supporters as it might be a chance to see some of our new players in action, a chance to get a glimpse of  a couple of players set to become hero worshipped next season.

It seems most likely that any new additions to the Tottenham squad will come from the Brazilian and Spanish groups, here Tottenham have already been linked to Bernard and Paulinho of Brazil whilst in the Spanish camp it will be David Villa and Roberto Soldado. There might possibly be an outside chance of interest in one of the Italian squad but just who that might be I am not sure as none excite and surprisingly, none will be cheap.

In addition to the four players mentioned above there has also been mention of Hulk due to his previous association with AVB, with a fee of something in the region of £40m this one is never going to happen. The other option in the Brazil camp is Leandro Dameao, this is a player that has allegedly been a target of Tottenham since he was about 8yrs old, at least it seems to have gone on that long. We have questioned the fact as to whether he has ever really been on the shopping list or actually a possible money earner for his club, we shall soon find out as it seems he wants to come to Europe, his club want to sell and the figures now quoted are far more realistic and manageable.

Anyway the Cup starts tonight when the hosts Brazil are in action, all of the Tottenham targets mentioned managed to play in the friendly against England at some point and it is possible again this evening, let’s see what we think and comment tomorrow.

Tomorrow night Spain take on Uruguay and it likely that Soldado will start the game , he is possibly most favoured by Tottenham supporters to join the club as the sums now quoted for Benteke have become a little outrageous, having said that he is Villa’s player and they are as entitled to price him out of the market as are Tottenham with Gareth Bale. David Villa should also get some game time and it will be interesting to see just how fit and sharp he is, with a fee of £12m at his age he must surely be 100% fit if Daniel Levy is prepared to even begin to negotiate.

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