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Could that be the turning point in Tottenham’s season?

Posted on December 04, 2013 by Guest Writer

Not the greatest of performances but a win nonetheless and the three points that came as a result of two magnificent strikes and a few fine stops from Hugo Lloris might just have kick started the season once again. Sometimes fortune changes everything and just maybe tonight Tottenham turned the corner.

When the team eventually wrested control from Fulham in the first half the y had the opportunity to pull away and put the game to bed, Paulinho did so much right in creating his own space to create a one on one with the keeper that any sort of calmness in front of goal would have seen him tuck the ball away for the lead, instead he blazed wide and it wasn’t the only time in that half. Erik Lamela then found his feet and came close on a couple of occasions slotting just past the post and then drawing a great save from the Fulham keeper.

This was no one sided affair and Fulham created plenty of their own chances and Tottenham were in the end thankful for Lloris who managed to beat away efforts on a few too many occasions. When the Fulham goal came it was no great surprise and was as a result of an awful mistake from Michael Dawson who really is going through a bad phase and might just lose his place to Chiriches when Vertonghen regains his position centrally.

In the end Tottenham were thankful for two crackers, the first a thirty yard effort from Vlad Chiriches struck as sweetly as you like and barely left the ground giving the keeper no chance whatsoever, soon after came a cracker from Lewis Holtby that ripped into the net from just outside the box. After that another great save from a Paulinho header before it became the turn of Lloris to save the day.

Never convincing but it was all about the points and it was job done, more changes are expected for the next fixture against Sunderland and almost certainly the return of Roberto Soldado as JD failed to grab his chance again.

Might this possibly be the defining moment in Tottenham’s season, the moment when a little bit of luck and some incredible skills eventually won the day and took a little bit of pressure off the entire club? back up to sixthe and on the heals of the three clubs chasing Arsenal. On now to another tough encounter at Sunderland, a team who tonight gave Chelsea a huge scare, but with some pressure lifted by a good performance and a draw on Sunday and possibly a slightly fortuitous victory in the end tonight.


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  1. BigH says:

    Deserved victory against a rejuvenated opposition. Credit to AVB started off with a powerful midfield, good to see Capoue back and made positive substitutions. Yes a little bit of luck, but we deserve some. Let’s just keep it going. COYS

  2. Boobaspur says:

    A huge amount of luck to get out of the Cottage with 3 HUGE points.

    A few times now I’ve seen how Paulinho has fluffed his clear chance in front of goal. I hope he can gain some calm and net these precious chances in future. Tonight that chance converted could have made things a lot less nerve-racking. A miss of epic proportion.

    I don’t want to be critising, but I thought Lamela was again poor tonight – he has had enough game time (in my opinion) to be settling a bit better than he is. Capoue too was poor, but he is only back in the team after injury so deserves more patience than Lamela.

    Super-Jan is one of my favourite players, but he too does not look as nearly as good as he was last season (I know he is playing out of position). Rose back and Jan in the centre…

    Two great goals, well done to Vlad and Lewis.

    And particularly well done to Lloris who made some great saves, the biggest of which was saving AVB from some major grief in the morning.

    Very very lucky Spurs…

    • Tony says:

      Fair summing up of the game although perhaps a little harsh on Lamelqwho had some decent moments. Some improvement from him in a team struggling to find cohesion. Pailinho culd have had a few goals and though a terrible miss he still keeps finding opportunities might be one of those that needs one piece of fortune to open floodgates. Lloris earned the points though.

  3. Eric says:

    We just need to sort out our fishing for which Paulinho has to be rested for few games

  4. Jide says:

    On my part, I am going to wait until after Xmas before I give my views on whether or not we have reached a turning point. I am relieved that we got the three points, but I cannot make my mind up on AVB after the last two games.

    The opportunity is still there for us to be in the top four, we just have to take it whenever it comes around. I have no doubt that all the teams above us will still go through a bad patch, the leaders included. That means AVB playing the right players and using the correct tactics i.e. moving the ball quicker and not playing those brain numbing passes from the back everytime.

    Finally, I sincerely hope that I eat my words on AVB!

    • Tony says:

      No turning point yet but considering the pressure on the coach and players we were unlikely to see better performances than what we have. Only with a run of results and a climb up the table will confidence really return and that will help to improve performances. I don’t actually dislike the inverted wingers tactic as once Danny Rose returns on the left both he and Walker have the ability to provide the width and quality to that is sometimes missing, although i would like to see those wide players swapping positions from time to time during a game, Really don’t see a 442 formation working for us but wouldn’t mind seeing a 4411 with Lamela off the front man from time to time.
      Finally, I sincerely hope that I don’t have to eat my words on AVB. lol

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