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Crazy obsession with Champions League makes no sense.

Posted on May 19, 2013 by Guest Writer

Firstly let me make it perfectly clear that every Tottenham supporter wishes to finish the season in 4th place as that would mean finishing above Arsenal for the first time since Arsene Wenger set up down the road, of course that would also happen to mean entry into the Champions League next season, well at least the preliminary round and as only their 2nd venture in the competition would bring great excitement.

At the outset of the competition proper 64 teams take part, most of those participate knowing that half will be eliminated after just 6 fixtures. Possibly there might be 2 upsets at best but generally 90% are obvious choices, in fact in any given season there are only half a dozen with the potential to win the competition outright and we could all name the favourites because it is generally the same teams.

When the competition was only open to the champions of each league and was decided by an open draw and 2 legs at each round there were possible upsets as ability and the luck of the draw came into play. Occasionally a team will come along and do well and excite the public, Leeds, Dortmund and Porto spring to mind.

Whenever there is a report regarding transfers and contracts of decent players there is always a tag that it is dependant on Champions League football and I cannot see the obsession. 64 teams enter but most merely hope that they might make the knockout stages as only then might their name might become known, how many can remember the names of any teams that finished 3rd or 4th (City and Chelsea are the exception because they badly underperformed considering their wealth).

In the past 8 seasons of the competition Barcelona have been finalists 3 times and semi-finalists  many more, Chelsea twice and Manchester United 3 times,  Bayern Munich have been in the final in 3 of the last 4 competitions and look like extending that record for a good while now.

Modric went to Madrid seeking Champions League football and has put together a total equivalent to just 6 matches on the pitch, how many players bought into the Manchester City dream and how has that worked out for them as they have in the main been the subject of ridicule for 2 years now.

The Champions League obsession is all about money as without the extra incentive of upwards of £30m for the clubs there would be no wish to take part as proven by lack of interest in the Europa Cup and the other domestic cup competitions.

For a team like Tottenham or Everton who both have ambition and Manchester City, who have only recently become involved, the competition is exciting and new but it is not and should not become the be all and end all of a players ambition, very few win the trophy or play in a team capable of doing so and to go chasing the dream rarely works, Ronaldo one of the best players in the world left for Madrid expecting to win more than in his time at United and has ended up with very little domestically and no better than the semi-final of the Champions League.

As we know Arsenal have lost many of their best players in recent seasons because of a lack of success, they have all won trophies but none the Champions League as yet. Those players have gone to United and Barcelona both regular finalists and to City one of the richest clubs in football and yet the Champions League dream eludes them, perhaps it is time to take stock and realise chasing the Champions League is pointless and should no longer be continuously touted as the most important thing in a footballers career.

It would be nice to travel round Europe or watch Tottenham against some big clubs but they would enter the competition as complete outsiders and rightly so, most supporters would rather the club continue to build domestically and win a lesser competition outright before mounting a challenge on the title itself. Tottenham are now every bit as good as Arsenal and Chelsea, close behind City and have some of the very best players in the EPL, soon they will have a new larger stadium and their progression will continue at an even faster  rate.

Whatever happens today Tottenham will be in Europe, if it is the lesser of the competitions they will enter as one of the favourites and will have a good chance of success, if it is the the other then it will mean that the club have finished ahead of Arsenal  but enter a competition as complete outsiders. Either scenario would suit in what has been a great season with greater expectations for the future


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