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Credit Fellaini and Baines for playing through the transfer circus.

Posted on August 25, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Gareth Bale has not been seen at Tottenham on the day of any fixture and only bothering to turn up to have imaginary treatment for his imaginary injuries, the most apt being the pain in the arse. Tottenham and his teammates of up to six years in some cases today prepare for their first home fixture of the season and Bale is nowhere to be seen, he is in Marbella preparing to sign a criminally gross six year contract that will earn him £310,000 every week, still it is only a short career. Please don’t tell me that he is not being disrespectful to the club, coach and players that believed in him and helped him to the one great season that catapulted him to superstardom.

About a week ago Arsenal apparently made an insultingly low offer of £10m for Cabaye of Newcastle which was ridiculed and immediately turned down, unfortunately as a result of that offer Cabaye has  been struck down by an affliction rendering him unable to play football on monday and he is still suffering now the poor thing.

Over at Everton Fellaini and Baines have been the subject of interest of various clubs, most notably Manchester United who have made at least two offers for the pair, too their credit they have said very little and have got on with it, they have both trained and played for the club that pays their wages and have given their all to the Everton cause.

Presumably Tottenham and Newcastle are still paying the wages of Bale and Cabaye as it is impossible to believe that they might not expect their wages and would have the decency to refuse the money of give it to charity.

Even Rooney, who apparently still wants out, came on as a substitute in United’s first fixture and gave his all and also deserves credit.

No doubt Bale in his various interviews will pay tribute to Tottenham, AVB and his ex teammates, he will tell us all what a difficult decision he faced but that he eventually had to take the opportunity to join the most famous club in football. Save your flannel Gareth , had you been fighting for the team up until such time as a deal had gone through or even handed in a transfer request and admitted your intention sooner tottenham supporters could have understood, you didn’t but instead acted in such a way as to force the issue and keep your share of the fee, you have become a mercenary every bit as devious as Willian and his ilk.

Fortunately AVB has more honour and has stayed to oversee the project, he is a more important piece of the jigsaw and because of that Tottenham will be far stronger post Bale than at any time during his six years at the club.


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