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D-day approaches for Luis”it tastes like chicken”Suarez.

Posted on August 07, 2014 by Guest Writer

We should know in a little over 24 hours the result  of the appeal by Luis Suatez to his total ban from football for 4 months for biting yet another opponent. Of course it seems pretty obvious to y now what the result will be, the World Cup is over for another 4 years and FIFA have bigger fish to fry as they have to deal with yet more corruption charges. The entire situation is surreal at the moment, Suarez is a Barcelona player in all but official announcement but that is probably planned for sometime soon. 

The incident occurred on the 24th June and so my guess is that the ban will be reduced to 2 months from that date allowing him to take part in La Liga for Barcelona soon after that, the ban from grounds and training facilities will be lifted and that will allow him to train with his new teammates and Barcelona will be able to parade him in their usual manner to the fans. He will probably be hit hardest with an international ban of several games.

For more than a month now the media have been complying with all necessary instructions to downgrade the incident, even the injured party has stated that the ban was over zealous. Of course we might all be wrong and our scepticism might be allayed by the ban being upheld but none of my money will be going on that eventuality.

13 to “D-day approaches for Luis”it tastes like chicken”Suarez.”

  1. Eric says:

    I like this site but pls ban those gunner trolls on here. Don’t mind the ones having rational conversations but most of them just spam. It discourages others to comment on here

    • Tony says:

      Hello Eric nice to hear from you again. Quite enjoying the banter with them so far it’s been well within decent boundaries, no bad language etc. and a fair bit of give and take. Don’t worry though if it changes I’ll be on it. COYS

  2. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    Well guys i do believe we gunners are visiting this site more than you guys.. 🙂

  3. Pranavtrue gooner says:

    Its always intresting to see what the rivals doing!! Simple as that. Its fun !! So we can enjoy and laugh out loud!! :p

  4. Kev says:

    Despite previously picking up club bans for biting they will somehow move the goalposts and argue that because it was an international it makes a difference. It should be a dozen or more competitive games no matter what the competition. Odds on he will be playing for Barcelona next month or sooner.

  5. CraigZWE says:

    Tony almost though you wrote, COYG for a sec.
    Hope Suarez ban is upheld

    • Tony says:

      Please correct me if I ever make that mistake. I hope it is upheld but we all know it won’t be. Every player at the wprld Cup had to have 4 week holiday so that will account for 1 month of the reduced ban, the probable remaining month of a reduced ban in closed season will be a travesty of justice but that is almost certainly going to be the case. It will come as a shock if they stick by their decision though we all know they should.

  6. CraigZWE says:

    Tony what’s your prediction for Spurs this league, points and position?

    • Tony says:

      I really like what I see and hear from Pochettino and I also believe our squad massively underperformed last season. One point against the top four when we have become used to ten or more in recent years. I fancy we will increase our points total, if we only got one point from top 4 we got 68 from the other 16 teams, Chelsea got 19 from the 4 around them so only got 63 points from the other 16 teams including 4 from us. Same with you 7 and our 1 and 68 with 6 from us. Ten more points for us taking us to 79 and we shall have to see where that takes us, should be at least top 4. Liverpool out the frame and having watched Chelsea a couple of times, not impressed at all.
      79 points and 3rd, there I’ve said it.
      Now you.

  7. CraigZWE says:

    Arsenal I was thinking 82 points and 3rd

    Liverpool to drop

    But we did poorly against top 4 teams, I think a win and draw away from home plus DM needed.

    • Tony says:

      You need a DM and centre half backup, get that and you beat Chelsea and i believe that is the same for us, we need that centre back signing but have plenty of DM

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