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Daniel Levy misrepresented.

Posted on May 18, 2014 by Scraggs

After another disappointing season that resulted in not one but two coaches leaving the club Daniel Levy is once again in the middle of a process to find the coach that will hopefully achieve the aims of the owners, club, players and supporters of  tottenham hotspur, we all have a vested interest and hope that this time the man appointed is the one that finally arrives at the right time to take us over that line and to some sort of glory. For the last six months or so the media and fanbase have been allocating blame for what has been a disappointing season on AVB and Tim Sherwood though most of their angst has been directed against ENIC and Daniel Levy citing 9 sackings since taking control of the club in 2001.

Though Levy and the board have undoubtedly made mistakes that allegation can be made against every one of us at some time, some would have us believe that Tottenham are worse than all the others and Levy and his impatience is the real reason for Tottenham’s woes. Though there have been mistakes I would argue that sackings and their timing have not been the problem nor are they as significant as the media would have us believe or our supporters specify when questioning our current owners and board.

Let’s take a closer look at events and then decide if Levy and ENIC are still deserving of all the vitriol aimed their way at the present time:-

1. 2001, the year Levy took control saw a certain George Graham in charge of team affairs, you all remember him he had a great record with another club not a million miles away and had already won a cup at Tottenham but at the end of that season we were 12th in the table and going nowhere, our supporters couldn’t even mention his name and so the first sacking of Levy’s reign occurred and in his place the legend that is Glenn Hoddle replaced him. None of us disagreed with either decision.

2. 2003, Hoddle lasted two full seasons finishing 9th then 11th  before the inevitable sacking early into his third season with the team in relegation trouble, David Pleat took over as caretaker until the end of the season.

3. 2004, Santini was appointed and it quickly became clear that he was not the right man, after just 13 games he was gone with Tottenham lying 14th in the table, Martin Jol took over and began the Tottenham transformation.

4. 2007 and Martin Jol began the season badly, though the club had on a couple of previous occasions threatened to break the monopoly of the Sky 4 they kept falling short for one reason or another including  food poisoning. Though it was handled terribly as Jol was much loved by the faithful it was probably the right decision at the time and Juande Ramos came in.

Martin Jol started the ball rolling.

Martin Jol started the ball rolling.

5. 2008, a year and a league cup later and Ramos was on his way with just two points from eight games as his replacement Harry Redknapp was to tell us, and rightly so, for many months and so began our best spell of the Premiership era.

6. 2012 was the year that started with Tottenham well placed to strike for the title and at the very least third place above Arsenal and ended with Chelsea winning the Champions League and meaning our fourth place finish was meaningless. Redknapp had lost sight what should have been his primary subject Tottenham to promote himself for the England job, he made no secret of the fact that he would leave Tottenham if the opportunity arose and though that was not a problem he should have ensured his total dedication to the club until the end first and foremost. He didn’t get the England job but his lack of professionalism for Tottenham got him the sack, rightly so in the opinion of many(other than the media), afterall despite a great squad and a few actual world class players he only ever challenged for a top four place and found time to alienate many of his huge squad. AVB replaced him and despite huge pressure from the media took Tottenham to their record points total despite losing three big players.

7. 2013/14, we shall lump these years together as there were two appointments during the course of the season, it is doudtful whether will shall ever learn the reason for AVB’s departure but many believe that rather than a dismissal at best it was mutual and at worst AVB could no longer accept interference and involvement in team decisions perhaps revolving around Adebayor, in his place came Tim Sherwood who despite his best intentions really was a poor appointment. Presumably the thought process was that after the World Cup the club would have one or two options, like LGV, to chose from and were perhaps not at all prepared for AVB’s exit.

So the reality is just six departures in 14 years since the appointment of Hoddle, all were given money and some time to implement their style upon the team other than Santini and Ramos who were both quickly found out and rightly removed, many would have liked to have seen AVB given more time, lots still felt Redknapp was harshly treated but after that one season in the CL there was no longlasting improvement and no sign of silverware.

The search goes on for the next like bill Nicholson

The search goes on for the next  success like Bill Nicholson

So the reality is actually seven departures in 14 years, three of those very short, Santini, Sherwood and Ramos, and all three poor appointments rather than poor sackings. that is not such a bad record other than when you consider the likes of United and Arsenal but then of course they have been used to comparative success, though until yesterday that was Champions League football as far as Arsenal were concerned, Chelsea, City and even Liverpool have had a number of changes despite success.

Can any supporter in all honesty disagree with the timing of or validity of any one of those sackings, how many of those appointed were considered wrong at the time? Santini as an unknown quantity perhaps, AVB following disappointment at Chelsea by some, many questioned the appointment of Redknapp at the outset.

Getting the right man is always partly a gamble, somebody who is successful at one club just might not be the right fit for Tottenham , many are not happy with the possibility of Pochettino joining because he has never won anything like Van Gaal and De Boer but wasn’t that pretty much the case in more than thirty years of management for Redknapp, one FA Cup. Take a look at the record of Pelligrini at Manchester City, despite being in charge of a Real Madrid team with Kaka and Ronaldo in their pomp and many other good teams he had won nothing before this season at City.

Tottenham are still one of the best clubs in the Premiership and the World, they have a very good squad despite the loss of a few superstars in recent years, they have potential and they are a sleeping giant, ENIC and Levy are searching for the right man to lead them onwards and to finally make their mark in Europe, they are closer than they have been in thirty years and they have done so from a position of almost going out of business during the Scholar era.

The search goes on for the trigger, the coach that might finally get us over the line, someone like Fergie, Mourinho, even Wenger or our very own Bill Nicholson. Whoever is next, and we should know soon, support is essential, there must be no negativity surrounding his appointment or talk of what might have been.

It’s time again to trust Levy and co. will TRY to do right be us.




2 to “Daniel Levy misrepresented.”

  1. 4everspurs says:

    we all know that the media love to exagerate situations where Spurs are concerned, as you say Graham was pre-Levy appointment and his replacement by Hoddle was welcomed by every fan, after that some might have liked Harry to be given more time, some would have liked AVB to be given more time but other than those two the decisions were accepted as correct by supporters. Take away Santini, Sherwood and Ramos and the average time in charge was probably sufficient to see some sort of success. Redknapp who gave us our best years still only gave us a good run in the CL once and an FA Cup semifinal, not much to show for having the likes of Bale, Modric, Van de Vaart, Defoe, Crouch, Adebayor etc. Good points made that puts some of the rot written in its place.

  2. tom says:

    Nice piece that puts it in a little more perspective. I havr just read a report stating Spurs are looking for their 3rd coach in less than a year, you can look at it that way but the truth is in two years. Talk about manipulate the facts.

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