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Daniel Levy targets title for Tottenham.

Posted on September 17, 2013 by Scraggs

Following his very impressive debut for Tottenham on Saturday Christian Eriksen has been much in demand and has been only too pleased to speak to the media on any subject. Obviously one of the major talking points has been the comparison between himself and Ozil who joined the other North London outfit within a day or so of him signing for Tottenham. Of course Christian Eriksen was courteous when comparing himself with Mesut Ozil stating that he thinks that Ozil has achieved a little more than him.

Now nobody is going to try to tell anybody that Eriksen is up there with Ozil, well not yet at least, Ozil is the more experienced player and the senior of the two, he has also played for an elite club in Real Madrid for the past few seasons, but Eriksen does in fact have more achievements than Ozil, with three titles and two other trophies to his name at the tender age of 21yrs, Ozil has only one Spanish title and one Copa del Rey to his name.

Norwich couldn't stop Christian Eriksen.

Norwich couldn’t stop Christian Eriksen.

The other big question aimed at him related to just why he chose Tottenham over all his other suitors, including his existing club at the time Ajax, not forgetting that he also gave up Champions League participation. His answers on these subjects were both enlightening and very encouraging. Eriksen obviously had a few clubs chasing his signature and let’s not forget that Ajax would have also been pressuring him to sign a new improved contract with them, it seems though that he chose Tottenham because of the words of Franco Baldini and the vision and ambition of Daniel Levy.

This is apparently what Eriksen had to say on the subject of his decision to plump for Tottenham:

The Guv'nor. The Buck Stops Here.

The Guv’nor. The Buck Stops Here.

The “right words” that came out of Levy’s mouth centred around Tottenham’s ambitions.

“The club wants to be in the Champions League next season, for sure, and then we have, of course, to become champions,” the 21-year-old said.

“That is why he spent so much money on good players and that is just the sort of thing I want to be part of.”

If anyone doubted who is the driving force behind Tottenham then look no further than Eriksen’s comments, Daniel Levy has the burning desire to turn Tottenham into champions and one of the biggest clubs in Europe, he now has Baldini and AVB as his able lieutenants and he has pulled off probably the greatest transfer window in Tottenham’s history, even surpassing the Ossie and Ricky signings. Over £100m spent in one window and not a sugar daddy in sight, better still the club are still in profit from those dealings and have likely reduced their wage bill.

So now we know that it is the title that Tottenham are after and not simply a top four finish like some we know, we also know that whatever current Champions League clubs try to tell us the sheer ambition of Tottenham enables them to buy great players AND not have to pay them quite ludicrous sums to persuade them to join. Clearly there are players with the ambition to work to win trophies and not have it all handed to them on a plate. There is much work still to do at Tottenham before they can achieve success, this group seem happy to be a part of that work in progress believing that success is just around the corner.

25 to “Daniel Levy targets title for Tottenham.”

  1. craig says:

    the man

  2. Strikeforce1 says:

    Always delusional articles on this site, how do you go from not even getting top 4 to wanting to get the title, please give me a break. small club! with 2 titles hahahahahahahaha

    • Tony says:

      how do gooners go from no hopers to the best in the league by buying one overpriced midfielder not unlike 3 or 4 others they have. oh forgot they also have wiltshire who is as good as zidane as well. read the stats and weep tottenham are the best team in the land on performance FACT.

    • whlspur says:

      More money, bigger crowds, 17yrs of champions league football, no ambition, in decline, no trophies, when we want your opinion we will cock a deaf un. Within 3 years Spurs will be bigger, richer and have a few trophies to show for it. the gooners are finished.

    • yidarmy says:

      how do you go from pipping Spurs to CL by 1 point in each of last 2 seasons to believing your better. give us all a break and get used to the idea that your no longer even the best team in North London, look across to N17 to the best team in London and soon to be in England. BELIEVE. it’s coming. Calling all Spurs.

      • Sam says:

        You forgot that in those two years, Spurs were 11 and 8 points in front of Arsenal with 10 games remaining. Haha, could not hold on to it.

        • Tony says:

          you forgot spurs were still in 3 tournaments at that point whereas as usual Arsenal were just playing for 4th. Spurs will still be in 3 tournaments and with onr of the best 2 or 3 squads in the league will finish comfortably ahead this time, you can’t finish higher than 1st don’t forget. taken a look at those squawka stats yet? check out the team at the top of all the meaningful charts, SPURS. get used to it that is going to be the norm for some years now. prepare for the shadows gooners.

  3. Sam says:

    Ozil when 21, moved to RM. Eriksen 21, moved to Spurs. Mind the gap please.

  4. Sam says:

    Leeds United.

  5. yidarmy says:

    where are all the chavs?lost their opinions after another goalless performance and defeat.

  6. Sam says:

    Theo rips spurs every year.

  7. rushabh says:

    You tiny tiny spuds will never understand,you pricks being the best in north London????hahahahaha,tell us that when you lot win 13league titles,go a whole season unbeaten,become 3rd most successful club in England,finish 17 seasons above us and play in champions league final,we are tge 4tg richest club in the world and have 5th largest fan base. .what do you tiny tiny club have,other than couple of overpaid average footballers???

    • steve says:

      Only have to do it once and it will be this season, you lot are all arrogant pricks. when you can say you were the 1st team to win the double, the first British team to win a european competition, oh you can’t can you spurs did that. But for spurs financial problems caused by some mistakes by Scholar Spurs would have been the bigger club during the premiership period, you got a break but it’s over now We’re back, bye bye goons.

    • craig says:

      If you havn’t already realised spurs were the best in N.London past 2 seasons but in trying to win the FA cup and UEFA Cup lacked strength to finish the job in the league. Perhaps if we had been knocked out of everything early and had nothing to play for but 4th things would have been different , that’s the trouble with ambition but then you gooners wouldn’t know . how many so called big clubs win nothing for years? of course your no longer one of the really big clubs make way for the real power in London to regain their rightful position. COYS

  8. grant says:

    you gooners certainly can talk the talk but unfortunately can’t walk the walk. how long is it 8 years? Time for you all to crawl under your rocks and hide the kings are back.

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