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Daniel Levy’s greatest investment too date?

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Guest Writer

Tottenham’s Chairman Daniel Levy has been much criticised over the course of his tenure at the helm of the club, sometimes the criticism has been valid of that there is little doubt, but in my opinion every move he makes has been calculated to move the club forward, this includes off the field as well as on. He has overseen the purchase of many players that will forever be remembered by supporters including some remembered for all the wrong reasons of course.

Players like Dimitar Berbatov who we all surely acknowledge was a fantastic player even if he subsequently handled his exit disrespectfully. Jermaine Defoe and Robbie Keane, also great strikers who will always be fondly remembered by our fan base. Who can forget Luka Modric and Gareth Bale, two players that have gone on to even greater acknowledgement as true world class footballers.

The story of success in the transfer market is and will always be intermingled with failure, we all know the ones that haven’t worked out, by now every football supporter, let alone those that follow Tottenham, know you simply can’t get them all right in fact the majority don’t work out quite as well as expected. We would all surely prefer to remember the players brought to the club that have excited, players like those mentioned above as well as the likes of Rafael Van de Vaart, Michael Dawson and some of our current stars such as Danny Rose, Kyle Walker, Toby Aldereirweld and Dele Alli, let’s face it we can go right through the current team and be thankful that we purchased them all such is the joy they are providing with their performance so far.

No doubt the club will continue to make mistakes in the transfer market as there are so many pitfalls to overcome, but that then brings me to what has surely been the very best investment Daniel Levy and Tottenham have made during the Premier League era and that is the compensation paid to Southampton to acquire the services of Mauriccio Pochetino and of course his close-knit coaching team. This is the man who has transformed the club and the players in a relatively short period of time. Tottenham are no longer a soft touch and just as importantly the players are now happy to actually say it, believe it and act upon it. Our style of play is in the true traditions of the club and we have a team in the true sense of the word.

So far Tottenham have invested in players that have earned the club millions, with the odd exception of course, a state of the art training facility, they are finally delivering the new stadium at huge expense but despite these successful investments the biggest and the best simply has to be our manager.

Mauriccio Pochetino has transformed Tottenham Hotspur where it matters most, on the pitch, but that also entails in no small measure the need for players of quality as well as teamwork, spirit and belief. Though the media and even some of our own supporters don’t quite believe it Tottenham really are a club to be reckoned with and for that we have to thank Daniel Levy for going out and getting us the manager that we believe will bring us the long awaited success that we crave so much.

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