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David Villa yearned for EPL but money won.

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Eddie S

As if to make everything right and explain his decision to join Atletico Madrid was solely based upon football, David Villa was almost apologetic when announcing himself to his new public. Of course he will say all the right things and be genuine, he has joined a fantastic club and one that pushed Real all the way for second spot, they even beat them in the final of the Copa del Rey, they have Champions League football ahead of them and an excellent team, what they no longer have is Falcao, a player who made the difference for them and whom Villa is expected to take over from and score the goals to maintain progression.

It seems obvious that Tottenham had been working on this difficult deal for sometime and they were prepared to give Villa a good final contract, but he said it all when he confirmed that within three days of Atletico showing interest they had agreed to all of his demands and the deal was sealed. We are left to guess what that means but it will almost certainly involve more money and probably a cast iron guarantee that he will choose where he plays, as Falcao was the focal point of the team then as his direct replacement that is where he will play.

No blame can be attached to his decision as he will remain in his own country and that might well have had massive appeal for him and his family, it is also not a negative move when compared to Tottenham, which is still a work in progress, but I cannot get those words out of my head “all my personal terms were agreed” and so can’t help feeling a little disappointed at what might have been. Just for once it would be good to hear that the team chosen offered a good challenge and better terms, I think we could all relate to that and more readily accept it.

David Villa would only have been the solution for a year or two at best as he will soon be 32 yrs of age but if AVB believed that he would improve Tottenham and help them reach another level then there would have been no argument from me. It wasn’t to be so on to the next target to be added to an ever improving squad.



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  1. lol says:

    We missed out on the striker, at 4M he is a bargain. As simple as that. If he can replace Falcao or not, will Athleti buy more strikers with the 50M left in their banks or not, these are not our problems. Villa is better than Ade, Ade is better than Defoe. 2-3 years off him would have been good. Dont try console us saying he was not good and stuff

    • steve says:

      don’t think the article does knock Villa’s ability, it says disappointed at what might have been and trusted AVB judgement. Point seems to be he gave up his so called dream for money.

      • lol says:

        what dream? He will play CL with Athleti, and will be their main 2 strikers. Next year is WC year and all want maximum playing time in top tire. And Spain favors Spanish La Liga players more. Then there is family, too. There is no proof it was for money anywhere!

        • Tony says:

          Spurs were also giving him opportunity to play at high level, his words “he dreamed to play in premiership” and his words “they agreed to all his terms” certainly implies money. I didn’t actually knock him if you read it and commended him as a player, said it was a shame not to see what AVB had planned for him and also said nothing untoward of Atletico who are a very very good club and choice. It seemed he had chosen spurs until more money arrived and again there is no issue with that but admit it or that he preferred to remain in Spain, that would be understandable but not the comments he made.

  2. Thierry says:

    Another great article hahaha. Just so you know, Villa was joining arsenal until the last minute, not what you deluded spuds think. He had a pre contract with us, wenger decided to get younger and better stiker, that is why he left for athletico, simple.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks yeah it’s good isn’t it.Just so you know he turned Arsenal down twice and it is illegal to have a pre contract agreement until there is less than 6 months on your contract, just so you know.As usual gullible gooners led up the garden path by the boards lies and wenger is no better because he’s as culpable. Just who is this younger better striker a 20yr old from the French second division it certainly won’t be suarez if that’s what you think.Let me know when you actually spend some money , better still tell me when it’s a top top player, I’ll be waiting for a long time i think.

      • Thierry says:

        Hahahahaha dont make me laugh tony, villa wanted arsenal, we did want him, then we didnt becasue there is younger and better. Whether it was a pre contract agreement or an agreement, he was coming to us. It wont be suarez? You know that do you? hahaha, ill be back on here soon mate talking about top players weve signed mark my words.

        • Tony says:

          i hope that you do at least manage to sign somebody we have heard of as it will be very embarrassing for all gooners otherwise.definitely no pre agreement not allowed , check if you like. As things stand apart from a little involvement in the CL suarez might feel he has a better chance of success staying with Liverpool.

          • Thierry says:

            More success with liverpool? Another deluded comment from a deluded spud. Kepp up when the season starts mate, paulinho? benteke? hahaha yeh your gonna be contenders and be challenging for the CL in two years, do me a favour.

          • Tony says:

            liverpool points total also improved last season so they crept closer to arsenal as well.

  3. Thierry says:

    So that means they also crept closer to spurs also. So deluded its unreal.

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