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Defoe rage is all in a spin.

Posted on September 18, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Judging from all the newspaper articles attributed to Jermain Defoe you would likely be expecting that he will be training alongside Emmanuel Adebayor sometime today, though the reality is that he and the rest of the squad will be preparing for tomorrows game against Tromso, a game in which Defoe is likely to start.

Defoe’s apparent “rage” centres upon a lack of action and yet he has appeared in three of the four premier league fixtures and both Europa matches including a starting berth in the second of those fixtures. Obviously his concern is that unless he is given sufficient playing time for Tottenham his chances of going to the World Cup in Brazil will be severely diminished. His ambition and ability to play for his country is not in question and he should probably have won many more than the 54 caps that he has, with 19 goals to his name his record really is reasonably impressive, unfortunately over the years the men in charge of England have not really been convinced that he is worth a place in the starting lineup, just last week England played a couple of World Cup qualifiers,defoe 1 Defoe was in the squad and even though Hodgson was without the services of Sturridge, Rooney, Welbeck and Carroll he still overlooked Defoe in favour of Rickie Lambert only introduced to the England squad 3 fixtures ago at the age of 31yrs.

Defoe has 54 caps, most gained from the substitutes bench, that total has taken him 9 years to earn and those 54 caps have gained him on average 45 minutes playing time in each. He has gained just 8 caps in the last 3 years, half of them in friendlies, in 5 of the 8 he was brought on from the bench and 2 was taken off, he can hardly feel an important part of the team. All of this tends to suggest that England coaches have always considered Defoe as an impact player and mainly from the bench, if a goal is needed then send for JD and he has a strike rate to prove it.

Unfortunately, good as Defoe can be, he is of an era when 4 4 2 was king, times have changed and Defoe has had to modify his game to cope and he should be applauded for doing so with some considerable success, but he is 30 yrs old now and as he has said this is his last opportunity to go to a World Cup Finals. Our opinion is that Defoe has never been given the credit or the caps his ability has deserved through the years, a strike rate of better than one in three is excellent, more so when you consider he has only averaged half a game per cap.

The other target of Defoe’s reported “rage”was the the perceived treatment of Adebayor by AVB, he has apparently been made to train with the reserves to build up his fitness following a long absence for various different reasons. Now on the one hand Defoe is angry at the lack of playing time and on the other he wants another striker brought back and one that has kept him out of the team for the past two seasons, it really doesn’t make any sense does it?adebayor Perhaps some tabloids and reporters are trying to cause mischief for AVB as Tottenham threaten to upset the top four monopoly once again or perhaps now that the transfer window has closed it is difficult to find other credible stories.

Jermain Defoe signed a new contract just a year ago and he has expressed his desire many times to see out his career at Tottenham, a club he seems to have genuine affection for, he knows the desire and expectation that exists at Tottenham and would surely have looked for a way out before the window closed if that was his intention, instead he is at the forefront of the club and one of the faces of the kit launch and the Tottenham/ Under Armour association.

Paper talk can be a dangerous thing but is part and parcel of football because of the enormous interest in the Premier League across the world, the words “Rage” and “Jermain Defoe” were always going to attract the interest of Tottenham supporters and those that wish for the AVB project to wither and die, fortunately the project will go on no matter what spin and unrest is attributed to Tottenham Hotspur as their quest for success and silverware continues.

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  1. whlspur says:

    What is it with all these reports, Spurs signed Soldado a month before the window closed and you can’t tell me Defoe didn’t know that the £26m man was going to be 1st choice. absolute rubbish designed to catch attention. Defoe knows the score and that he will get games but won’t be 1st choice.

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