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Deluded if they dismiss Tottenham title challenge.

Posted on July 13, 2013 by Tony

This word” deluded” is continuously used whenever Tottenham supporters talk up their chances of mounting a serious title challenge this season, but when the likes of Fergie and Mourinho talk of Tottenham as being serious contenders no ridicule is thrown their way! Most pundits are old pro’s and because of their supposed knowledge of the game tabloids and sports channels continuously use their services, unfortunately they all still have allegiances to their previous clubs, and therefore most tend to offer their opinions based upon what their heart wants rather than what their head and logic dictates.

Merson, Nicholas, Parlour, Wright,Dixon and Alan Smith all favour Arsenal and anybody other than Tottenham because of rivalry, Carragher, Hanson, Lawrenson and Redknapp favour Liverpool and anybody other than Tottenham because they ended Liverpool’s Champions League qualification, Wilkins and Nevin all things Chelsea, there are plenty who favour United and now even City. Dwight Yorke is one of the first players who has told it like it is, he fancies Tottenham’s chances and dismisses Arsenal and reality says that he could well be absolutely right this year, and he has no particular love for Tottenham being a Villa and United man.

There have been various articles highlighting the problems that Tottenham faced at the beginning of last season, a new coach with new ideas, a different style of playing and different formations for various situations. They had to cope with the loss of arguably, their two most influential players of the previous two seasons, Modric and Van de Vaart, they also lost their strongest defender Kaboul after twenty minutes of the season.  Five new players joined as well as an unfit, unprepared Adebayor and AVB set about organising the team. After 16 matches which included six defeats, but an improving team, it began to click into place and after two injury time Everton goals in the 16th match which turned a win into a defeat things changed dramatically, Tottenham would only suffer two more league defeats to the end of the season, the first away to Liverpool when the team were in the ascendancy for most of the match and a deserved defeat to Martin Jol’s Fulham. Tottenham’s points total was only bettered by Manchester United, and then only by a couple of points.

Taking logic into account, and not rivalries and hopes and wishes, as Tottenham finished the season just a single point behind Arsenal, two behind Chelsea and six behind mega rich City, and taking all the problems they encountered into account, which also included the loss of Sandro for half the season, Tottenham were one of the top performers and form teams.

As the new season approaches they have already added one of best midfielders from Brazil into the mix, Sandro and Kaboul are fit once more, Bale, the best in the league, is staying and it is generally expected that a player or two will also be added to the squad able to significantly improve on Adebayor’s five goals and even JD’s eleven.

Taking all this logic into account why should Tottenham not be thinking that their team can mount a serious challenge, form over the last twenty-two fixtures suggest they were already superior to Arsenal Chelsea and City. much might depend on the striker(s) brought in but right now Tottenham appear to be more than a match for most of the clubs that actually finished above them.

Nobody has said Tottenham WILL win the league but that they WILL challenge the best teams at last. Is that so difficult to accept or unreasonable for Tottenham supporters to expect?

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  1. Strikeforce1 says:

    one word- DELUDED, you guys havent competed for the title in 50 plus years

    • Tony says:

      Nor had Chelsea before they won it, We havn’t won it for 50 odd years but have competed plenty of times, I’ve seen it. Not having won it doesn’t stop Spurs challenging or even winning it next season or soon after.Three words “Tottenham title challenge”

    • tom says:

      your in for a shock then, and that is a challenge not necessarily winning it, although it could happen.

  2. Thierry says:

    Your other rivals will strengthen more than you, the likes of man united and man city, chelsea can all attract better players, so avb will have to do something extremely special to challenge for the league this year. Bale isnt the best player in the league, hes world class but hes not the best in the league. The likes of hazard and mata are just as good as him and had more goals and assists than him! In my opinion walcott is over rated but even he scored 2 goals less than bale and had about 13 more assists, so there you go. You may well challenge slightly for the league but you will not win it, wishful thinking im afraid.

    • lol says:

      target top 4 spots first, we cant be champs with this team. But Bale wont leave if we finish in top 4

      • Tony says:

        totally the wrong attitude why aim for fourth when better is within the capabilities of this team, have you ever heard the /sir Bill nicholson quote “It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.” and here is another that every Spurs supporter should believe in “Spurs have got to be the best in the land, not the second best.” Spurs are a Team and have some great players, start believing that they can do it.

        • lol says:

          Consider this, we push too hard with big teams in big matches, and fail. Then what? Lets say we have a good season again, finish out of top 4 and Bale doesnt fire enough like this year. And I am not giving the worst case scenario, with Everton and Liverpool strengthening teams, even worse can happen. We lack funds this year itself because we missed on CL. Next year if Bale does average, his price will drop. A fall to anything below 50M is a HUGE loss to the administration and then consider Real again knocking the door, buying Bale for less and the club loses a leader. So, first thing is we need CL spot, and CL money, sponsorship and TV rights will increase with that too, on average 25-30M more than what we can afford now

          • Tony says:

            lots of negative ifs in there and spurs already have extra £40m with increased tv contract, thats the money taken care of to buy whats needed, don’t let’s forget Spurs have only had those extra CL funds once but have still bought some great players. What if Bale gets even better, what if Spurs buy Benteke or Soldado and he scores 20 odd goals, what if they get Chadli and he chips in with a dozen or so, what if Dembele gets 5 or 6 more goals as he is capable of, what if Paulinho gets 10 goals and what if the centre midfield and defence is so strong the goals against figure reduces. If only some of those things happen Spurs won’t be relying on just fourth spot.Less negative more positive needed.

    • Tony says:

      Bale has been voted as the best player in the league by players and writers so please don’t be so vindictive. Please don’t even compare Walcott, that muppet is not even better than Lennon, sent home by England because he couldn’t cross the ball ring any bells. Chelsea keep buying but can still only pick, eleven players and are any better than what they had, Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Ramires, no they are not so they havn’t actually strengthened. City have another winger and a midfielder third in line behind Paulinho for Brazil. United have apparently gone for Baines but they have lost Scholes and some are now reaching pensionable age. As for Arsenal we shall see who you eventually buy. There is no mention of definitely winning the league just a realistic challenge which even you have now admitted is possible.

      • lol says:

        I dont really care for City except for the fact the manager they have appointed is REALLY good. He can bring out the best of his attacking players, which they have in plenty. Chelsea has Mou back, a gr8 mid-field and a class striker added, they have the BEST TEAM on paper. We lack funds, where as Everton/Liverpool already bought good players. I am sure ManU and Arsenal will buy. So, a top 4 finish will be our primary target

        • Tony says:

          Disagree, it’s typical lack of ambition, fortunately AVB, Levy and the players attitudes are changing as are a lot of supporters. Onwards and upwards matey if Tottenham can claw back 20 points on the top four in 5 years what is to stop them winning it.

        • Tony says:

          he was really good in Spain but the EPL is a different animal. didn’t he get the sack at Madrid even with the likes of Ronaldo and a £200m spend! No trophies at Malaga either so it’s is all to play for. Chelsea had that great midfield last season and JUST managed to beat Spurs by 2 points, they have bought again the same type of players and no improvement on what they had and they can’t play more than eleven. Liverpool have bought squad players by Rodgers own admission now he is looking for marquee players to improve team, Everton relegated players and 19yr old loanee not really a worry and will lose Baines and possibly fellaini. Man u look like being turned down by Barca youngster and apart from Baines and fellaini who else is there certainly not Bale and Ronaldo as suggested again today.Arsenal really don’t attract the top players at the moment so do not see them actually improving. Top four is the minimum aim of everybody connected to Tottenham, do you not think Bale would already have gone had he not believed that Tottenham could win something and challenge the top this coming season. If he thought it might be more of the same he would ask to go and hasn’t, if he believes so should every Spurs supporter.

  3. Thierry says:

    Titles out of the question

    • Tony says:

      challenge isn’t and that is what has been said, read the title it says title challenge, if there is a challenge then it is possible to win that becomes obvious. even less so for Arsenal.

  4. Thierry says:

    @tony, walcott isnt better than lennon? Another deluded comment, im not walcotts biggest fan but he had a very good season last season much better than lennon. Lennon had 2 goals with 7 assists, walcott with 10 goals and 9 assists, lennon is not better than walcott. Spurs think that because they have brought in paulinho there going to challenge for the title hahahaha, maybe one more half decent signing for you lads then thats it, good luck.

    • craig says:

      It’s not all about goals and assists that is not the only method to calculate ability, how many goals does Wilshire get? is he not far better than Walcott.If Walcott was so exceptional just why did it take until feb to get a new contract? he was hoping for someone to snap him up on a free pre contract but nobody wanted him. He mugged you for ridiculous wages and signing on fee. Paulinho will definitely improve Spurs but your free signing from French 2nd div.definitely won’t. happy days.

      • Thierry says:

        @ craig, sanogo might not improve us a great amount, but rooney or suarez and higuain plus fabregas and a quality dmf and we will blow spurs out the water. Big things are going to happen at arsenal and i cant wait to see peoples faces when it does. Keep up lads. Your even struggling to find the money to buy half decent players, i suppose when you sell bale you can buy a couple though, happy days!

        • Tony says:

          And you seriously expecting to spend £110m or more on 4 players and increase your wage bill by another £30m a year, deluded isn’t the word more like retarded. Just wait and see who Spurs sign. big things are going to happen at Tottenham and I can’t wait to see peoples faces when it does.

          • Thierry says:

            @tony didnt you just pretty much copy whay i wrote? I t wont be £110 million will it. And yes i expect us to spend on some top players this summer. Spurs will sign good players, but not top players, theres a difference mate and we will see in about a fortnight or so.

          • Tony says:

            well work it out Spurs have spent £17m on Paulinho and according to you he’s good but not a top player,whereas Arsenal will be buying top players, if suarez is £40m and the other 3 are at least £25 each thats £115m with wages of at lest £150k pw each.Ask yourself why for the first transfer window in years Arsenal are not losing a player or two, it’s because you have only got wilshire worth having and his injury record is still suspect.Time you realised Spurs have got all the top players but they are not leaving because they expect success and silverware which Arsenal no longer aspire to. i ask again where is Higuain his plane set off 2 weeks ago to have medical and sign, he’s not coming.

  5. Thierry says:

    Higuain is agreed, but the fee isnt, ill repeat it again, if we manage to get suarez we will drop off higuain, simple, or if we dont get suarez we get the hig. Wilshere is the only player worth having? All this from a team that STILL CANT CATCH US. If your lot were superior in anyway then you would of finished above us last season FACT! The reason our players arent linked to anyone is because their not for sale, and they know what is about to happen at arsenal thats why they wont leave. Secondly, no it wont be £115 million at all, suarez will go for 35/36, rooney for 25ish, fabregas will be an absolute bargain for us because barca owe us money on him AND song still. Maybe another 35 on a couple of promising players. By the way, we have more than £100million for fees alone, not including wages and bonuses, so yes we will re enforce bigtime, unlike spuds, who will be signing Paulinho and Benteke, and letting Bale go while you can command a ridiculous transfer fee for him. That should explain it all, like i said, keep up lads.

    • Tony says:

      Fabregas bargain lol he will still cost bundles they might owe you but that money still counts on balance sheet.what about fellaini you forgot him.another 24m.does hig know how highly he is thought of.get suarez and drop him you really are talking some Tosh .sorry but nobody desperate for any of your players because they just are not good enough

      • Thierry says:

        and what about your players tony? I suppose your players are all being chased by the top teams in europe hahaha. Suarez is top priority, simple, and hes keen, hes also a world beater. Higuain is quality but madrid are haggling over the fee so we have turned our attentions to a proven epl goal scorer and a better player IMO. Its got nothing to do with not thinking highly enough of higuain, its football and its business. Either way, we will sign top top players, because we have the money, simple. If you sit Suarez down and say ” were going for it now, cesc is coming in, along with another 1 or 2 very good players, and plus you we can challenge for trophies” You would think to yourself ” if i go there aswell with the other players they will sign, then i can help them win trophies”. Thats where the attraction is. Its the same for spurs, if you sit players down and say “were keeping bale 100%, and were adding some other top players” then it becomes attractive, the only difference being we have alot more money to spend on fees( over 100 mill just on fees) and we can offer CL football, that is why i believe we can attract better players than tottenham.

        • Tony says:

          like you said to fabregas and van persie before, probably did to higuain as well, they thought about it and decided it’s all lies again. the fans might believe it but reality says otherwise. maybe this year it will be different because they fear Spurs so much, we shall see.

      • lol says:

        Tony, I am a spurs fan who do not HATE Arsenal or any other, and reality is, Arsenal has been better than us for last 20 years. We had the closest chance last year and busted it ourselves. This year we expect to overtake, but not possible without a top striker. I will not go into what Sangogo is, he came free and he just won U-19 FIFA WC and scored 4 goals, good for a start. Pau is a top player and will fill a CM void we had for long, but the striker void is bigger, and we need to buy. Offload if we can Ade, or not.

        • Tony says:

          I agree with you and hate nobody but Spurs have always been my team, but what gets to me is condescending supporters who believe that because they have been better for 20yrs it is still so. Martin Jol could and should have beaten them and so should Arry, now AVB will, but needs another goalscorer of course.Paulinho is obviously a top player now and is an improvement on the squad and team, sanogo is not but might be in some years to come. The point I am making is that Arsenal are nowhere near as strong or attractive as they once were, nobody is crying out for their players, they only have to offer participation in CL but no possibility of going far in it. Arsenal have spent over £50m in each of last 2 seasons and still Spurs close the gap and really should have overtaken, it has been more Spurs inability or inexperience rather than Arsenal being better. I do not happen to believe Ade was that poor last year, he was a hard working team player and made things easier for Bale by creating space.

    • Tony says:

      Repeat it all you like but even arsenal supporters are beginning to mock the higuain story.if it is true and they know what is about to happen, with so many about to become bit part players why are they not being sold?there can only be 25 spots and 8 must be brits or 3 yrs at u21 level.

  6. Iyke says:

    Haha i kam here just to laugh @ spurs

  7. Thierry says:

    Spurs have arrived? Where tony? Cant wait until around two weeks time. We will see.

    • Tony says:

      you are just burying your head in the sand if you can’t see it. spurs have stormed ahead of arsenal in the leagur for the past 2 seasons and should have comfortably finished ahead, it has only been a lack of experience which allowed arsenal to catch up.this year no more and I cannot wait to say “told you so”

  8. Iyke says:

    Spurs always ahead of arsenal 17yrs running lol such a little club….gud luck dow

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