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Desailly offers Bale poor career advice,Thoughtless!

Posted on May 24, 2013 by Tony

Marcel Desailly it seems has advised Gareth Bale to get out of Tottenham just as soon as he can as he doesn’t think Tottenham can offer him the chance to play football at a high level! what does that mean? Tottenham do play at a high level, they have recently defeated Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal and have recorded their record points haul in the league. With a full season in store giving Tottenham the chance to perform from match 1 rather than start their season half a dozen games in they will finally make their mark at the summit of the league. How many more times need it be pointed out that Bale has improved his performance level in each of the last 3 seasons and none more so than the last year, why would he take a chance on upsetting his development so soon?

Desailly has used David Beckham as an example of a British player moving abroad, he was 28yrs of age before he took the plunge and in all honesty it wasn’t that successful only winning the title in his 4th and last season and only then after having effectively being shown the door by Madrid. Let’s take Michael Owen as an example, 1 disastrous season before returning to the EPL and he never once found the form of his time at Liverpool ever again. He was almost 25yrs old when he left.

Cesc Fabregas has returned to Barcelona from Arsenal and even that has not been an unmitigating success, as the captain of Arsenal and the heartbeat of the team he was guaranteed to play in every fixture of any consequence, he returned “home” and many reports suggest that things have not quite worked out and that he might move on.

Even moves to the so called superclubs within the EPL have not always worked out, how many have left for City and found themselves marginalised, Santa Cruz, Wayne Bridge, Adebayor amongst many, Lescott, Nasri, Barry. Rodwell. Milner and Sinclair might be regretting the move from a professional point of view but the money helps.

The danger of so many ex-pros being allowed to comment in the media or who have columns in newspapers is that they always seem to have another agenda, the majority(not all) of those that played at Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and United as well as those close to Redknapp all seem to fear Tottenham and do their utmost to destabilise them. City have established themselves as one of the top 2 teams in the division because of their wealth so are accepted, Tottenham though are the team that split the “Sky Four” and relegated Liverpool to little more than a top 8 team, and Tottenham are now the team most likely to break the current monopoly.

Tottenham need Gareth Bale and for the moment vice-versa but so does the English Premier League, if all the great players left or if only a couple of clubs had all the best players how boring would it all be. Just look at the difference in the past 2 seasons, the season just finished on the last day relied only upon Tottenham and Arsenal and their battle for 4th position, the title and relegation issues were over, compare that to the season before, United and City fighting for the title and a battle for 3rd,4th and 5th positions and still a relegation place to avoid.

The EPL is still the best because of it’s competitiveness and that must be maintained, the French league is dominated by PSG, let’s face it when a 38yr old Beckham can go there and win the league off the back of 3 starts and 7 substitute appearances what does that say. The German league has been dominated by Bayern with nobody close to them and that will be the case for many years to come,in Spain Madrid and Barcelona domination has not been broken for decades.There is no challenge like the EPL and players with ability like Gareth Bale should be encouraged to stay with the likes of Tottenham an up and coming team.

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