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Despicable Me 3 featuring Martin Keown.

Posted on December 07, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Quite why Martin Keown felt the need to comment unfavourably on a Tottenham player when apparently asked to do so for the Daily Mail most would have no idea. Why ask about Paulinho to an ex-gunner would make little sense unless the intention was to cause unrest and stir up more controversy. Even asking a player like Keown to comment on a player he knows little about who plays in a position he has no previous experience of, Keown a player bereft of any technical ability whose mental attitiude while on a football field was to stop gifted players by any means possible, including outside the laws of the game. Why not ask someone like Hoddle who has experience of playing in midfield and who was a Tottenham legend?

Whenever there is any mention of Arsenal on this site their supporters are quick to suggest that Tottenham have an unhealthy obsession with them and yet it could be argued that the opposite is true, ex-players love to jump on the bandwagon when there is any negativity going Tottenham’s way and it has increased substantially since the two clubs have battled neck and neck for a Champions League spot. There is fear in the red half of North London that the pendulum is swinging and that there is little between the two clubs. We know that there is a fair gap at the moment and that this might ultimately be too big a gap to bridge this year in what is a transitional season at Tottenham due to transfer activity in and out but we shall see what the next few games bring.

Keown’s opinion on Paulinho is clearly soured by his association with Arsenal, to suggest that Paulinho was so overpriced when he is now a regular in the Brazilian team let alone squad, was voted third best player at the Confederations Cup, a tournament that also include Spain, bear in mind also that he has only played fourteen games in this country and in a Tottenham team still coming to terms with the many transformations. Paulinho might not be finishing moves just yet but he is on the end of so many and that will soon change.

Comparing Paulinho to Fernandinho is also quite ridiculous, apart from playing completely different roles for their respective clubs, Paulinho box to box and Fernandinho defensive midfield, the latter has come into a much more established team and last seasons runners up and he did cost almost double the fee of Paulinho.

It is difficult to see what Keown’s and the Mail’s motives are for this article other than to stir things up but there is confidence that Paulinho will come good, very good and if Fernandinho keeps up the good work he might even get into the Brazil squad one day.




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  1. BigH says:

    Complete tosser is Keown. Why doesnt he ckoff and perv on jimmy saville site like the rest of the lowlife

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