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Did Real Madrid use European Union money to help with Bale purchase?

Posted on September 05, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

A Belgian Euro MP has asked the European Commission to look into Real Madrids purchase of Gareth Bale as it is believed that money was borrowed from Caja Madrid, who are a part of Bankia recently baled out by European Union money with an 18bn euro loan.

With debts of 600m euros, even though Madrid are financially stable they are surely building a squad outside the rules and regulations of UEFA’s own Financial Fair Play regulations and possibly it now seems against European Union regulations.

With the European Commission already planning to look into the financial stability of some Spanish clubs, including Madrid and Barcelona, you begin to wonder what other unsavoury methods might also be uncovered, but then will anybody actually ever get round to even starting the investigation when businesses like Madrid and Barca hold so much power and sway? we all expect that this is another story that will go away in time as the investigation is put on the back burner until forgotten.

As always it might be a little club that is made an example of in relation to a bending of the rules while the rich and powerful receive nothing more than a slapped wrist. Had these investigations got underway sooner Tottenham might conceivably still have Bale in their ranks and possibly even Luka Modric but until they take these matters seriously the dodgy dealings and unfair competition will simply just go on.


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