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Did Sherwood learn anything from last nights game?

Posted on February 04, 2014 by Guest Writer

Only way to beat City  Chelsea is to copy them, claims Spurs manager Tim Sherwood . In midweek Manchester City visited Tottenham for a league fixture that gave Sherwood and his players an opportunity to extract some revenge for a six goal mauling earlier in the season. City arrived with a reputation as the most attractive team in the league able to score goals almost at will, they were the popular choice as title favourites and were now well into their stride. 4 4 2 is their formation of choice and having scored more than a hundred goals this season playing that way surely the worst thing any team could do would be to try to play them at their own game!

Sherwood to his credit didn’t quite go that far but there was still no specialist defensive midfielder, the linesman took his city supporters club membership too far on two separate occasions and City ran out easy winners. Immediately after the game Tim Sherwood heaped praise on City calling them the best team in the world, nailed on title winners, unbeatable yet conveniently forgot to take into account the terrible decisions that had derailed Tottenham’s chances.

Perhaps that was Sherwood’s way of deflecting any criticism of his own deficiencies as a coach, yet again the team started slowly, yet again the defence was at sixes and sevens and yet again his tactical awareness was found wanting. Early on  Sherwood was hailed as the the coach that had given us back ” Our Tottenham” , a team playing a certain style of football associated with our teams of the past, two strikers, flair and exciting attacking football, results improved almost immediately and he was hailed as the man that gave the mercurial Adebayor back to the fans and discovered a new young star in Bentaleb.

We are continually reminded that stats mean nothing, that is until it is time to try to emphasize the point, we were told that the team under the previous coach was terribly boring and the new man, who has apparently given us back our identity, has changed all that! well forgive me for saying but the only relatively exciting performances came against Stoke and Swansea and while there have been some good results they have not arrived as a result of great attacking fluency.

Last night Mourinho’s Chelsea took on the champions elect and though the final result was in doubt until the very end, in reality Chelsea fully warranted and deserved the points and the credit that came with it. Mourinho has some great players to work with but though City created some openings and had plenty of possession they managed just the three shots on target and key to that was the central three of Luiz, the new man Matic and Ramires  who allowed the creativity of Hazard and Willian to create many dangerous moments for City.

So will Sherwood now attempt to adopt some of the tactics used by Chelsea to such great effect? he certainly has the players at his disposal to do so though Hazard is going to be a hard act to follow, perhaps Lamela is the one that might be able to do something similar when he is finally fit to return to action. We still have to play against four of the teams ahead of us in the table but up until this point we only have a couple of draws against Chelsea and Everton to show for our endeavour against the clubs we hope to compete with for success, nowhere near good enough and something that must be addressed with immediate effect.

The news from the Tottenham camp is encouraging, Sandro will soon be ready for action, Townsend is back in training and Lamela is not far off, but still there is no excuse for the continuing  absence of Etienne Capoue or rather overlooking an experienced defensive midfielder at the expense of an inexperienced youngster no matter how well he is performing or how good he might become in the future.

If Tottenham are to maintain and hopefully win the battle for a place in the top four then it is time to play to our strengths and with our experienced players. We do not have the strikeforce of Liverpool or even United, who will both along with Everton fight us all the way, we do have a fantastic group of midfield players and some that the others probably wish that they had available to them and it’s now time to use them and most importantly to use them correctly.

Let’s hope that Tim Sherwood and his sidekicks finally saw the worth of strong defensive midfielders last night and realised that they do have an important place in the team alongside the players with more artistry. Tottenham are in a battle and if the best players are going to stay around it’s a battle that they must win, it’s time for the big players to step up to the plate but before they can do that Tim has to pick them and set the team up properly. Sunday’s lineup is going to be interesting and will probably tell us all we need to know about the current coaching team after these past couple of poor results and performances.


9 to “Did Sherwood learn anything from last nights game?”

  1. Bigh says:

    I have said it all season, play sandro and capoue together and let the quality players do the business. Sherwood has a typical Redknapp blind spot. Only he is stupid enough to believe we do not need defensive midfielders. Of course only he is stupid enough to fall out with Capoue and will burn out a great talent in Bentaleb. My god we are going to have to put up with him until the end of the season…!! Maybe he will prove me totally wrong and do the right thing, but being that he is a woolwich supporter I doubt it

    • Jide says:

      Bigh, my man, he won’t prove you wrong. He does not know any other way of playing the game. He did not learn anything. He said City was the best team in the world! I’ve said it before, he wants to prove a point by continuously playing Bentaleb so that he, Sherwood, will be able to claim that he introduced home grown and young players into the first team. It is not only stupid, it is selfish. Bentaleb looked like a fish out of water in the City game. He will get burnt out. He should not have played.

      My main concern Spurs may end up losing all these wonderful players because we have a manager who does not seem to realise the value of the players he has.

    • Tony says:

      Let’s hope we are all wrong and Tim proves he might be up to the job, he has at least admitted that 4 4 2 won’t do against the very best teams. My concern is that at the moment we have no identity in that respect, city are 4 4 2, Chelsea are 4 3 3 Arsenal 4 5 1 and though we have the squad to play either of the London clubs formation of choice we do not have the strikers to replicate City. I don’t think Sherwood is up to it in reality yet am desperate for them to get the results to achieve a top four position, strangest of all is that if he puts the right team together they could do it.

  2. Eric says:

    Bigh and Jide comments sum it up wonderfully

  3. Eric says:

    Bigh and Jide comments sum it up

  4. davidkk2 says:

    althought iam a chelsea fan,i don’t hate spurs but i wonder why u people always cretises Ts,while his doing better than avb.
    Under ts you scored more goals,played better and have more wins per game.Ts might be sturporn with no dm playing but don,t forget you conceded six&five against city and liverpool respectively with sandro & paulino in the starting line up.sory fore spelling .

    • Tony says:

      Criticism comes with poor results and poor performance. It is quite funny coming from a chelsea supporter considering you wanted rafa and di Mateo out despite wining you cups.

  5. davidkk2 says:

    stop the hate on ts bcoz you play better and score more goals under ts.and before yuo preach about dm you should know you conceded 11goals against city and livepool with sandro and paulino starting.cfc for life .

    • Tony says:

      we have 2 def mids as good as your pair and havent even played one of them since TS been in charge let alone 2 . the point is that as acoach you have to be flexible to win games and mourinho doesn’t play favourites but the system and players to get the job done, TS has his favourites and they seem untouchable just like redknapp did and he won NOTHING.

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