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Do something Daniel.

Posted on July 28, 2013 by Tony

Dignity and dealing with transfers in the right way is a trait that should be applauded and that goes for selling as well as purchasing, unfortunately since the end of the last season a certain Spanish club has again been playing dirty tricks on Tottenham in an attempt to acquire their star player. Last year it was Luka Modric, on that occasion it might well have been more about the cost of the player rather than the end result as I suppose most supporters were resigned to the fact that he would leave, although deeply disappointed. Because of the upheaval of the year before, somehow his joining a team in a different league did help.
This year it seems far worse somehow, Gareth Bale is involved and he is a far bigger talent and actually brings lots of goals to the table. Daniel Levy had stated that there would be no sales, AVB confirmed this and players, well Paulinho, have joined with the promise that Bale would remain.
real madrid have been relentless, both their president perez and zidane have continuously courted the player and must be guilty of tapping up! No action has been taken and Tottenham as a whole have said little despite continuous questioning of coach and every player past and present.
Just what is this partnership with a pathetic disgusting bullying club like real madrid all about, what benefits do Tottenham receive in the deal, it seemed that AVB fancied the services of Jese so real madrid sign him up to a new deal, pathetic and small minded, if the Bale scenario were true surely he might have been included in any offer or better still the partnership involve a loan deal at the least.
In the world of Daniel Levy it seems that actions speak louder than words and it is implied that he is working on a new contract for Bale that will conclude the matter for a year at least, he stated that Modric would not be sold to Chelsea and stuck to his word, the line is the same for Gareth Bale and all the players actions and contract dealings away from Tottenham suggest it.
Every Tottenham supporter is tired of this constant battering and concern, every year is the same Modric(twice) Berbatov, Keane, Carrick and now it’s Gareth Bale, even AVB is becoming irritated by the constant barrage.
What I don’t quite get in all this is the fact that there can be no doubt that Gareth Bale is already a fantastic player and has the potential to become one of the greats, why then is it only real Madrid causing such grief from every quarter, why are other teams with unlimited funds not in the frame for him? Manchester City, PSG and Monaco could all afford him as could United or Chelsea if they wished to take on Levy, but no it’s just the second team in Spain and also rans in the Champions League causing all the fuss and uncertainty.
Please Daniel Levy sign Bale up or at the very least bring a complaint against this tacky club and reiterate the player is not for sale. Tottenham are closer than have been in thirty years to glory and regaining their position as one of the great and successful clubs of Europe, perez and his dirty tricks must not be allowed to stall the process as has happened before. Time for action and words.


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  1. jim says:

    GB has 3 years on his contract – so could leave for free in 2016 aged 27 if he gambled on his form and fitness.

    Spurs need to sign him on a longer contract, otherwise they must sell him soon to protect their financial position.

    RM say they want to sign him.

    Personally, I think he will leave this summer. Think that is when Spurs will obtain the biggest transfer fee.

    • Tony says:

      that is why they are trying for an extra year for a huge wage increase. Levy won’t allow it brand Tottenham is too important and with a player like him brings in enormous merchandising and other revenue, that is why RM do it, they said it pays for itself. no chance this year. by 2016 Tottenham could have won a few competitions and be regulars in CL and that is worth more than £100m alone.

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