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Do Tottenham supporters really want AVB out? Cast your vote now.

Posted on November 18, 2013 by Scraggs

So many derogatory articles and so many tales of unrest in the camp, these are the stories that have followed AVB since the day he landed on these shores and took up his position at Chelsea. Not surprisingly the ego’s of the Chelsea players and the lack of backbone shown by the club’s owner eventually saw the end of AVB and the constant sniping of the press duly won the day.

Daniel Levy took the opportunity to sack Harry Redknapp for what amounted to gross misconduct in chasing the England role at the expense of Tottenham’s season and appointed AVB in his place. From that day to this the media seem to have taken almost every opportunity to destabilise the club with the result that more and more supporters seem to be joining the bandwagon.

We at JTN firmly believe that AVB is the right man for the job and rate him very highly, his record suggests that he is one of the very best coaches in Europe as he has had to contend with the loss of not one but two world class players in Modric and Bale and still take Tottenham to a better place than they have been in decades.

We cannot believe that true support is anything other than massively behind AVB and his work but here is your chance to vote and for the purposes of this poll we shall reveal the results on the morning of the Manchester City game allowing the opportunity to reassess based upon the performance in that fixture.

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4 to “Do Tottenham supporters really want AVB out? Cast your vote now.”

  1. BigH says:

    The problem is less AVB but more of managing the expectations of fans that have been hugely raised with so many summer signings. Patience is running thin and too many fans want to see more progress than we are showing. I have always said that patience is needed. AVB certainly has not helped with some of his poor team choices this season, but it certainly does not warrant sacking the guy. Of course the shitty press cant wait to stick the boot in and do everything to destabilise the club, but AVB must learn from his mistakes and quickly. If 2 or 3 of those 14 point blank chances had gone in against the northeners we all would be talking about the first signs of things really coming together etc etc. We are dealing with such fine margins and that certainly only brings in more pressure. COYS

    • Tony says:

      Patience is the key but Spurs have come from years of relative failure and so some supporters expectations are ridiculous. AVB is the best we have had for a long long time in my opinion and the number of points earned confirms that point. Just 4 or 5 more goals and all the moans would be turned to praise that is the fine line to which you refer. You know and I know that in both of the W Ham and Newcastle games it could and really should have been 3 points won maybe even everton away but then as we all know if my aunt had………..etc.I am convinced that AVB is the real deal and soon he will have the team getting the goals and results deserved.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    Display the result after voting?

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