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Does Townsend gamble show England the way?

Posted on October 12, 2013 by Guest Writer

For too long now England have made do with the old guard and settled for the easy option, imagine if Theo Walcott had been fit yesterday would Townsend have got any closer than the bench at best? This situation has gone on for years and continues to happen, England coaches seem to settle for the easy option and players that have been there and done it , irrespective of their form going into internationals.

Based on current form, ability and that other important ingredient, confidence, choosing Andros Townsend was a no brainer and yet Hodgson admitted to having to make a difficult decision and one that he and his coaches mulled over for hours, the decision was whether to play James Milner or Jack Wilshere rather than Townsend! this was a game that England had to win, anything else and it was the playoffs at best and so the choice between Townsend or starting with either of the others was, or should have been ridiculously easy, Milner and Wilshere never play in that position for their club so why would they be good enough to do it for England.

Another injury offered Kyle Walker the chance to cement his place in the team at right back and he took it and now Johnson has a real fight on his hands to get his spot back, of course the booking prevents his taking part in the next game against Poland but 9.8 to Jovetic for the theatricals that earned him the booking for virtually nothing.

Perhaps the success of Townsend will open the floodgates for more of the youngsters to get their chance to oust those that have been there and done nothing for England, for example Ross Barkley should be given his chance soon.What was so striking from Townsends performance last night was that he stuck to his task the entire time and forced the full back into errors, if he wasn’t doing that then Montenegro had to double up on him and that left space for others. how often have we seen the likes of Walcott break into the opposition half and then stop and cut back or pass sideways, Townsend just stormed past them and exposed their defence time after time.

International teams generally have a number of experienced players within their ranks but for years now England have relied upon far too many of the same old faces, perhaps now is the time to retire most of them off and bring in the new guard, Leighton Baines has been the best left back for a few years now but Cole is generally prefered, the same goes for rightback,  Glen Johnson is 29 yrs of age now and Walker is the future and far faster, the same goes for Lampard, surely Barkley should be getting his chance now.

England have needed a bold coach for years, many have threatened to ring the changes only to throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble and simply reverted back to the tried and trusted, all well and good to get to the final stages of tournaments but nowhere near good enough to come close to winning one. Now we wait to see if Hodgson might now make more such bold decisions and finally give England a chance to step up to another level.

Ability is a must but hunger and desire should never be overlooked, the youngsters have that in abundance.



3 to “Does Townsend gamble show England the way?”

  1. lou says:

    Lampard looked tired and made some bad mistakes in dangerous situations, it really is ridiculous to persevere with him now he will be 36 next summer before the WC. Barkley, wilshere are the new breed and should be played now win or lose. Jagielka will be 32 next summer and is slow now but you can bet it will be the same players, Caulker, and smalling should have been given more games to gain experience by now . when will they get the chance before the WC. Townsend was a breath of fresh air and showed up Walcott for what he is. Even as pundit last night he bored me to tears,ya know,

  2. Jide says:

    As a Spurs fan, I am so happy for Andros Townsend for grabbing his opportunity with both hands. His performance just confirmed what we already knew at WHL that he forces defenders into making errors when he runs at them. My gripe is with the so called experts who were questioning his inclusion in the first 11, and after his great performance these same buffoons were going on about how good he played.

    • steve says:

      It’s the same old story, jobs for the’s time to ring the changes, lampard and gerrard still involved is ridiculous and they will probably go to Brazil which is an even bigger insult to up and coming players. get Barkley, wilshere, smalling jones and caulker in now. want to see a team full of pace power and athleticism playing now.just what is the point of persevering with lampard and cole, baines for example should have been no.1 for a couple of years by has jagielka at 31 become 1st choice and would he still have been if terry hadn’t retired. it’s only evens that terry doesn’t change his mind and want to go to Brazil if England qualify.

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