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Don’t doubt Tottenham’s strength in depth.

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Tony

Tottenham are continuously accused of being a club lacking decent depth to their squad and whilst that might have been true in some positions at times it does seem as though AVB is now close to putting together a squad capable of challenging on a number of fronts. As of this moment every fan will have their own idea of the strongest line up for the biggest games but it is doubtful that AVB will look at things in that way.
During the Redknapp era we could probably name the team for just about every league fixture, barring injury problems, as he targeted a top four position rather than any other competition. With AVB as the coach and the quality of player now at his disposal his aim seems to be to utilise the squad in such a way as to challenge for every cup and to finish as high up the table as possible, to do so he will rotate and pick teams based upon the team they are up against, the team chosen prepared and ready to ensure the right result.
Tottenham will almost certainly operate the same 4 2 3 1 system as last season as well as AVB’s more favoured 4 3 3 and so based upon those systems and so as to emphasise the depth of this squad here are a couple of possible lineups incorporating the players we at JTN expect to be a member of the squad but excluding any new additions as yet still be negotiated for, e.g. a new forward.

4 3 3 Lloris Walker Kaboul Vertonghen Assou-Ekotto Paulinho Carroll Dembele Bale Adebayor Chadli.
4 2 3 1 Friedel Naughton Dawson Caulker Rose Sandro Holtby Lennon Sigurdsson Townsend Defoe.

Most of us would agree that both teams have the quality to put up a great show against most opposition, in some circumstances a combination of both groups will likely be considered a stronger option and based upon last seasons performance levels Sandro would be the first name on every teamsheet. As well as the players already referred to the claims of Dempsey, Huddlestone, Livermore and Parker cannot be dismissed as well as a few of the youngsters anxious to make their mark.
We remain certain that at least one other big name will yet be purchased and that player will almost certainly be a record buy, one or two will have to leave it seems as the squad size is limited to just twenty-five players, Tom Carroll and other youngsters need not be included in the squad total because of their age but of the two teams referred to twenty -one must and so there will only be 4 spots remaining.
Lack of strength in depth is no longer an argument that can be aimed Tottenham’s way as the amount of quality within the squad continues to grow, even now there is expectation of more to come before this window closes.
There hasn’t been a better time in thirty years or more to be a Tottenham supporter, expectation is enormous and it seems that everybody associated with the club expects success, not all supporters are yet convinced, probably because of the disappointment suffered in recent years, but they soon will be.

4 to “Don’t doubt Tottenham’s strength in depth.”

  1. lol says:

    we play a high tempo game and energetic players suit us, but youth is not enough without top level experience, and we lack there.

    • Tony says:

      many of these players have been together for a couple of years now and have gained experience together, they are virtually all internationals. Only a few know how to win trophies like Vertonghen, Chadli and Lloris so that is an area where the team lack experience if that is what you mean, Problem is that only the best clubs win so expensive players and crazy wages cannot be acquired and will have to wait to do that together.

      • lol says:

        I agree, big players can not be bought for now and may be we become big to hire them soon. But, Vertonghen, Chadli…what they won again? I am not a follower of leagues except La Liga, Seria A and EPL. And for that matter, except League 1 to be added, I dont think any other league is worth counting. For that matter, the freebie at Arsenal Sangogo even won U-21 WC, being the best scorer for champion team. I agree, we are on the right track, but a little bit of free hand can help, instead of losing our targets over few k extra wages or few mil extra transfer funds. Levy has guided us thus far and will do so in future, but he has to understand we are not an average club anymore and show some ambitions in transfer market.

        • Tony says:

          The level of player expected as you say is no longer average but much higher standard, unfortunately for now they don’t have the money to outbid or pay what the current top four do. Getting there and closer than ever before, next step up this year.

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