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Doom over Tottenham or the start of something special?

Posted on November 18, 2013 by Eddie S

With the absence of Premier League football this weekend the media is looking for stories to whet the appetite of the football masses and as usual Tottenham are at the forefront of so many of these articles. So often the international break provides the opportunity for players to give interviews to their national press and other media outlets which in turn gives the British press the chance to use their translation skill to drum up and exagerate stories that don’t really exist.

Jermain Defoe has been one of the main perpetrators which is a little surprising as there are no translation issues, Defoe does seem to have a beef about not being chosen for Premier League games and is perhaps igniting the situation a little with clever quotes designed to retain the support of Tottenham fans and put pressure on AVB to choose him.

Not content with the Defoe having issues next up is Moussa Dembele who the papers suggest also wants out because he is concerned about insufficient playing time in the lead up to the World Cup. Take a look at his appearance record, in eleven league fixtures Dembele has started eight and been introduced in three others, he has started in four European games from four and played in the last cup game against Hull and the last half hour against Villa in the same cup competition. Dembele has been an extremely valuable member of the team and squad and yet the press is now full of his desire to leave with the likes of Aston Villa and Newcastle anxious to snap him up in the January transfer window, really? Would Dembele actually leave a team challenging for every competition they have been involved in for any team other than perhaps one involved in the Champions League. On the subject of the Champions League, a competition that we are regularly informed is all important to top players, why leave a club with realistic chances of achieving that aim this season? then there is the money which the likes of Villa, Newcastle and all the other Premier League teams mentioned cannot currently compete with Tottenham.

Next up it’s Erik Lamela, another unhappy player according to the Argentine press, a player who has quadrupled his wages and earned a contract three times that offered by his previous club and current Italian table toppers Roma to keep him. Lamela was one of rhe last to join with three games of an eleven game season already gone when he signed, only a little over two months after signing and a matter of days after moving into a house and welcoming his family to London the suggestion is quite ludicrous.

The best one of the lot, as usual, appears in the Mail, they have insider knowledge good enough to suggest that Tottenham have already lined up Jurgen Klinsmann for when AVB fails to lead Tottenham to a Champions League spot and expect him to take over just as soon as the World Cup tournament is over. Klinsmann was a short term Tottenham hero but just why anybody might think he might succeed where real heroes like Hoddle and Ossie failed is ridiculous, his one period with the biggest club in Germany Bayern Munich resulted in sixteen wins, six draws and seven losses before he was replaced, would you really take a chance on him?

There is some concern at Tottenham so much so that their club captain and the leader of the players firmly believes that Tottenham will realistically challenge for the title! how deluded is he? or does he see what every Tottenham supporter should be seeing, a team just five points behind the league leaders, a team that has performed sufficiently well to dominate almost every game this season, perhaps Michael Dawson sees a group of top quality players all still to reach their peak at personal level and in the premiership, a group of players still learning to become a team and consequently failing to score the additional goals that they need to do better. Does Michael Dawson see a team in the quarter finals of the Capital One Cup and with a realistic chance of going further, or a team already through to the knockout stages of the Europa League as leaders? something that Harry Redknapp gave up for a punt at the top four and little else. Dawson has been a Tottenham player for many years now and if he is now willing to big up their chances of success then you can bet that he believes that it is possible and if he does then so should we supporters.

Other concerns for me are some of the comments that I am seeing from Tottenham supporters, it certainly seems that the media is beginning to turn the support against AVB, what started as a trickle is now seeming to grow, after that Newcastle defeat and the international break all the talk is negative and with the games coming up it could get worse unless the team actually score goals and get results against the two Manchester clubs.

True Tottenham supporters must surely realise that Tottenham are possibly in the midst of great period for the club, Tottenham are this season one of the most difficult teams to beat despite those unexpected defeats to West Ham and Newcastle. This isn’t about building a team in just eleven games it is about building a squad to dominate for years to come and we are now close to achieving what Tottenham’s owner Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy started over ten years ago. It has taken ten years to reach a position where Tottenham are actually being talked of as title winners without laughing, they are one of the favourites for a top four position and considered very capable of winning one of the three cups that they are still involved in.

I keep reading that AVB is clueless and doesn’t know his first eleven, in answer to those points does a clueless coach create the best defensively organised Tottenham team in more than twenty years, or coach a team that sits ahead of Manchester City, level with United and a point behind Chelsea, are those teams and the like of Mourinho also ¬†poor and clueless?

I would rather take the word of an honest professional like Michael Dawson rather than be led by hacks who have no idea of what they are talking about, they take reports and comments from other media outlets and spin to maintain headlines, the more outrageous or controversial the better. Tottenham supporters must now support the team like never before as nine new recruits, including Townsend and Rose, need to be welcomed and helped. If Tottenham’s standards had actually dropped there could be some argument for questioning AVB and the players but in almost every aspect, points, wins, clean sheets and performance the team is getting better and better while the average age reduces, one cup win this century isn’t anywhere near good enough for us supporters and yet some are commenting as though performances and results have declined which is the complete opposite of the facts.

There is no doom over Tottenham just disappointment that Newcastle and West Ham were not beaten as the Tottenham performance actually deserved, any negativity is undeserved as other than the need to turn superiority into more goals and more points there isn’t much wrong that time, togetherness and coaching won’t resolve.

3 to “Doom over Tottenham or the start of something special?”

  1. It baffles me how even the most diehard spurs supporters still believe they could make top 4,talkmore of winning the title,No disrespect to spurs but I believe if spurs could make top4 once with their best ever squad of lennon,bale,Vdv,modric,kaboul,ekotto,pavy,sandro etc then with this current average at best squad no chance for even a top 4.Best finish expect 6th or 7th.

    • Lou says:

      got to be a gooner because with your experience of failure over the last 8 years you would know. Perhaps you should concentrate on retaining your one point lead over Spurs and hope that you can retain top four yourselves. times are changing just look at the table, nobody would have expected Arsenal to be top at any time but then there are always a few surprises early on before teams fall away. It baffles me how a team that has fallen so far from grace in a short space of time can be so arrogant, from the invincibles to the unconvincing in 8 years and with a turnover and wage bill that should ensure silverware. Don’t worry about Spurs as things can and will continue to improve although a few difficult fixtures lie in wait.

    • mick says:

      Surely their best ever team was that from last season with their best ever points total. Of course your one point advantage over us in both of the last 2 seasons remains a mountain to climb or a draw converted to a win. Be careful Spurs are coming for you and WILL succeed soon.

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