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England lifted by new generation.

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Scraggs

For so long now the English media and retired professionals have led the public to believe that there was little hope for the national side, they have drummed into us all the point that that there are few players out there able to replace the ageing stars of so many other fruitless campaigns in the World Cup and European Championship. We have forever been informed that experience of Champions League football and years of top Premiership football is essential to make it in the England team and then along came Andros Townsend to ram those words down their throats. Townsend played in just twelve Premiership games for QPR last season and six for Tottenham this season so far, over the course of the past few years he has been involved at some point in just eleven Europa League games but because of injuries to Theo Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and even Aaron Lennon and for no other reason, Roy Hodgson took a chance on including Townsend in his England squad and because of what he produced in training actually chose him for duty in two vital games, how he has been rewarded with the player producing two outstanding performances and more than that, alongside Rooney, Sturridge and Welbeck helping to transform the team ethos into a fearless attacking side.

England celebrate the opening goal in another fluent attacking display.

England celebrate the opening goal in another fluent attacking display.

There have been countless articles written and calls for a cap on players from abroad for our teams because of such a dearth of talent coming through but suddenly the country and thankfully Roy Hodgson have been handed a wake up call, clearly things are not as bad as they seemed , the players are there but are not handed the chance especially at international level. Last nights front four were led by the old man of the group Wayne Rooney aged 27 yrs, Sturridge aged 24 yrs, Welbeck 22 yrs and Townsend 22 yrs, in fact the only players aged 30 yrs or more were Jagielka, Carrick and the captain Steven Gerrard, the average age of the team has been transformed within the space of the past six months and the dynamism of the team is now there for every one to see.

Think of some of the players missing from the start last night and far from there being a dearth of talent England are actually in rude health if these players are given their chance, Wilshire, Walcott, Chamberlain, Walker, Barkley, Cleverley,Smalling, Jones, Caulker, these names all trip off the tongue and are going to be contenders to go to Brazil, then there are others like Sterling, Morrison.Carroll, Kane, Luke Shaw and a host of others experiencing international duty at U21 level and continuing to develop.

It seems clear that for years now the old boys club has been allowed to flourish for far too long, players that have failed have remained in the England team based upon their standing within the game rather than actually building a fully functional team. how long has it been said that Lampard and Gerrard are not suited to play together in the same setup especially against the better footballing nations, and how many times have they been chosen to carry on doing so! Gareth Barry was a breath of fresh air when he first came into the England team but he retained his place for too long often because of his reputation with City, Ashley Cole would almost certainly have retained his place at leftback had he been fit and yet Baines is now the best Englishman in the business in that position and has been for a while.

The England team and squad should not be chosen based upon the amount you are paid by your club, it is about form and creating a fully functional team that works as a unit, Hodgson has begun creating that situation over the last couple of games, whether it has in part been forced upon him by injury to some players matters not an inkling, he now has a predominantly young group who probably believe that they can beat just about anybody on their day, it’s not a tournament winning team but it is a team capable of giving anybody a hard time and it will continue to grow as a unit, perhaps by the time the European Championship comes around they might actually be ready to make a genuine challenge.

The “Golden Generation” gave us some great moments but they failed and rarely lived up to their reputation, those that remain should no longer be chosen because of their status in the game, given the chance to shine perhaps there are a few more like Townsend ready to light up the international stage for England. Roy Hodgson might just happen to be in the right place at the right time to begin a new era for English football if he has the vision and nerve to take the opportunity, by qualifying for Brazil with those two final electrifying attacking performances he is perfectly placed to do so.

3 to “England lifted by new generation.”

  1. mick says:

    Carrick did really well and a step up from Lampard who actually looks finished at international level but England lack some pace and agility in central midfield and defence which is a worry. one or both areas need that injection from somewhere.

    • 6YardsOut says:

      What about the likes of Jack wilshere and Ross Barkley?

      But I agree that the defence is just about average.

      • mick says:

        would like to see Wilshire and Barkley given their chance as they bring more pace, strength and ability than the older generation. If England have a weakness it is the fact that they do not have a true holding midfield player of the ability of such as Sandro or Capoue.

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