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ENIC and Levy must see this through now.

Posted on December 24, 2014 by Scraggs

ENIC the owners of Tottenham and Daniel Levy the club’s Chairman have both been on the receiving end of fans discontent during much of their time at the helm. Some criticism is of course valid as clearly mistakes have been made, both the owner and Chairman themselves would almost certainly admit to that, but though there is still running in the background the desire from some to see the back of both of them, hopefully the more reasonable amongst the huge, and still growing, Tottenham fan base will realise the progression they have overseen in a relatively short space of time.

The fact that Tottenham were for the first half of their reign a street behind the Sky 4 of the time and have since overtaken both Liverpool and, for the moment at least, even the mighty Manchester United, as well during the last 6 or 7 years contend with the even mightier wealth of Manchester City is surely testament to huge progression since 2001.

The massive difference in turnover and the immense advantage the others have had from continuous Champions League involvement has yet to be addressed, Tottenham simply cannot attract the finished article as the wages they demand are well out of our reach and it follows that once we create a world class player they are attracted by others by the immense increased wage and success that others offer.

Hopefully once the new stadium is up and running and the massive increase in gate receipts and revenue generated by thirty thousand more fans at every game starts to roll in the club will be able to be more generous and attract better more established players as well as reward existing, emerging stars, if silverware and some involvement in Champions League football comes about in the meantime so much the better.

Apart from the financial aspect the playing side of things has taken a different route in recent years, Tottenham have bought some outstanding young prospects and helped turn a couple into world stars, the funds from the sale of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric as well as other transfer dealings has gone towards the purchase of a mixture of players many of whom are young and with the potential to do great things.

With the onus now moving towards youth development Tottenham might well have stolen a march on many clubs though Manchester City also seem to be trying to develop that a route a little more. Many have questioned the acquisitions overseen by Franco Baldini and it is true that some have not panned out but his record at Roma was exceptional and when you consider the quality and age of some of our purchases the potential is certainly there, Ben Davies, Christian Eriksen, Eric Dier, Erik Lamela and deAndre Yedlin are all promising and will improve.

The appointment of Paul Mitchell from Southampton as the head of recruitment and analysis also suggests the desire to continue to search out the best talent around the world and continue their development with the aim of introducing youth into the first team squad.

A year or two down the line we might easily see a Tottenham team made up of current youngsters and home-grown players, it’s close now and would still be a formidable team: Lloris, Walker, Dier, Veljkovic, Davies, Mason, Bentaleb, Yedlin, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane, and there are others like Carrol, Coulthirst, Pritchard, McEvoy and Fredericks.

ENIC and Levy continue to get a bad press from many but not me, I remember the dark days before and soon after Sugar took over, there were one or two bright moments of course but we continued to lose ground to the Sky 4, now 5. We continue to play catchup and surely with two top four finishes in recent seasons and the luxury of being established in the top six is better than what we had to look forward to prior to the takeover, we have our new training facility, the new stadium edges ever closer and we are still challenging on all fronts.

The last club to gamble on youth was of course Manchester United with Alex Ferguson at the helm and that worked out quite well for them, now the likes of Chelsea, City and even United have given up taking that route simply because they can afford to pay outrageous sums of fees and wages, Arsenal might like to think they do the same and it is true that they have a better record than most yet in recent times they have gone with big money purchases and it seems to be having an adverse effect on their younger talent who are struggling to get game time, as for Liverpool I’m not quite sure which route they are going, they point to Sterling, Markhovic and Coutinho but beyond them there is little substance to a youth policy.

At the beginning of the season Tottenham support to a man spoke of the need for stability and seemed prepared to accept a realistic position in the league but a concerted effort on a cup competition, no sooner do we lose a couple of games or play poorly than the knives come out. Let’s take this season for what it is, a new coach with new ideas trying to create a team to play in the fashion that he believes will ultimately bring success, it will take time as he coaches the squad and many youngsters in the group, we shall see ups and downs but hopefully the downs will become less and less as the season goes on.

It’s time to see through what has now been started and if it works then the satisfaction derived from achieving some level of success the right way rather than throwing billions at it will be all the sweeter.

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