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Eriksen shines for Tottenham in comfortable win.

Posted on September 14, 2013 by Scraggs

It is still early in the development of thisTottenham team as they begin the process of incorporating all the new pieces assembled at a cost of £104 m, today was the turn of Norwich to try to prevent Tottenham scoring in open play for the fourth time this season.

Only three of the new boys started the match today as a late injury to Nacer Chadli meant he was unable to start on the left, this gave an opportunity for Gylfi Sigurdsson to exploit and he certainly did that with a two goal haul, the first a little reminiscent of the immaculate touch and immediate strike from Gareth Bale against Swansea last season.

The three new stars to start today were Roberto Soldado, Paulinho and for the first time Christian Eriksen, if you thought that they would be slow out of the blocks and suffering from a lack of training time as a group then you would be mistaken as not only did the three expensive new signings put on a show but the entire team were impressive. Paulinho, Dembele and Eriksen looked as though they had played together for years as they totally dominated a Norwich who were simply chasing shadows for probably eighty minutes of the match. Not a single player failed to impress and one of the major influences on proceedings was one of our own, Danny Rose, who probably had his best game in a Tottenham shirt ever.

Within the first half hour of his debut Eriksen had managed a couple of shots on goal, for his first he danced around a couple of Norwich defenders to force the keeper into a save  from which Soldado pulled off a piece of magic to hit the post, soon after that he provided his first assist for Tottenham with an inch perfect pass into the path of Sigurdsson. Eriksen together with his two midfield companions continued to orchestrate proceedings and weave intricate patterns as they set up raids at will.

This was an irresistible performance from a dominant Tottenham team who racked up another impressive total of twenty three shots and almost 70% possession, unbelievably they conceded just two free kick over the entirety of the game.

So as of this moment Tottenham sit equal top of the Premiership with Arsenal for company, the same goal difference but less goals scored, but less goals conceded as well. Both Chelsea and Liverpool will get their opportunity to topple the North London teams from the summit in their respective fixtures, whatever happens everybody associated with Tottenham will be very happy with the progression made, the quality on display and the wonderful performance of the team.

Things can only get better.



13 to “Eriksen shines for Tottenham in comfortable win.”

  1. Tony says:

    North London head the table, I can live with that provided the order changes.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    The team were fantastic today. Great to see they were prepared to give their opponents so little time on the ball with the result Norwich never looked settled in rare possession.

    Cherry on top was Everton win over Chelsea in the late k.o.

    • Tony says:

      movement and pressing all over the pitch was impressive and all done at speed. AVB and his coaches got to be complimented. great to see Chelsea and Jose”the best team lost” Mourinho drop points again.

  3. Tony says:

    You should have done something about that defence it’s going to cost you.

  4. Tony says:

    You controlled most of the game yesterday and yet could and should have dropped points, sunderland hit woodwork b4 you scored and after and the ref should have delayed the whistle and allowed the equaliser, failing which sagna had to go as it was a goalscoring opportunity, the ball went over the line.arsenal will get plenty of play and chances but only giroud at the moment is capable of scoring. in a nutshell finishing won’t improve now and better teams than bottom club sunderland will punish you.

  5. Tony says:

    you have got to come to the lane yet don’t forget, a win at home is always expected of a top club so your 1-0 was no big surprise was it.the problem you have is we saw yesterday pretty much all you have, cazorla and ox to come back but not much else, only cazorla is going to be a cert to start. spurs have kaboul, chiriches, lamela, chadli, defoe,capoue, sandro and Lennon all good enough to start and will start lots of games. Strength in depth is Tottenham’s

  6. Tony says:

    cant see any centre halfs in your list just the 2 and vermalen who is thats strikers light, centre halves light, def. midfield light and fullbacks where you are very poor.strong in midfield so unless you line up 3 6 1 in games you might have problems.i agree that goals win games but nobody wins the league playing we will score more than you and the reality is you can’t win the league. one player cannot make such a huge difference and to think he will cure all your defensive woes as well is crazy talk.
    spurs have improved defensively and attacking, as at this stage last season you had 8 points with 10 goals for and 1 against while Spurs had 2 points and 4 goals and 6 against. so you have half the number of goals and have conceded three times as many for an extra point, spurs have the same number of goals but conceded 5 fewer and have 7 more points. you gotta fear us.

  7. Toppy says:

    Arsenal never for once said they can win the league with ozil.ozil played well despite his illness and created more scoring chances.Lets wait and see where your 100+m assembled team get you.Tony is always quick to point to ref mistakes to taunt ARSENAL but didnt say anything about the dubious penalties awarded to his team in the 1st two matches of the league. 1 thing is to point to the depth of your team another thing is for your so called depth to be up to scratch.

    • Tony says:

      do me a favour thats all you misguided gooners now keep saying, that and “in wenger we trust” ,until you don’t win anything again and again.think what your saying,you wanted a striker because you don’t finish enough chances so you spend £43m to make more chances and you havn’t got the strikers to finish them that makes perfect sense. I agree on the quality of the strength in depth point and obviously you just don’t have it. the midfielders you mention are not good enough or you wouldn’t buy another for that money, the defenders, if you can call them that are two bob and you were looking for forwards all summer so how good are they. All you keep saying is what you are going to do with all your money and CL, well you had all summer to attract big players and both yourselves and the player were finally left in a desperate situation on the last day and that’s how you ended up with ozil.

  8. Tony says:

    Let me tell you how many of those players you mention would get in the spurs squad or how many the supporters might want,NONE.spurs have Sandro and Capoue as far superior to arteta, kaboul monsters vermalen and probably chiriches will as well, podolski=chadli or Defoe ox=lamela or Lennon, rosicky=Holtby and Sigurdsson and monreal your £10m fullback was destroyed by townsend last season. you keep em all and good luck we are very happy with what we have.Even Mourinho said the other day that Tottenham now have two fantastic teams. It wasn’t a question of wanting either Capoue or Wayama but you needed them and settled for flamini on a free!!!!does that make any sense to you?
    Time you realised you wanted strikers and got none, you wanted defenders and got none, you wanted defensive midfielders and you got flamini at the last knockings for free. only when there was so much uproar from supporters and they insisted wengers contract talks be stopped did they look to buy big and the only one left was ozil desperate to leave to play with the world cup coming up and overpriced to cover some of the cost of Bale. you get conned every year and fall for it everytime as long as you finish 4th. Arsenal are now a club with no ambition and just content to plod along and rake in the money all you easily pleased supporters hand over each year. Really big clubs don’t go 8 years without so much as a league cup even. In the emirates cup, only involving 6 clubs each year, you have managed only third in the last 2 tournaments! Losing is becoming a habit for you.

  9. Tony says:

    and flamini is! there is little to choose between lennon and walcott, W scores more but cannot defend whereas lennon works hard for the team and to help his RB.why are you talking about top 3 in passes sandro and capoue are no mugs on that score and are far better def midfielders than arteta which was the point , you have flamini and who? you have mertsacker and koscielny and who? vermalen thats you only other central defender and you drop him when the other 2 are fit.what makes giroud better than soldado? or ramsey better than paulinho or wiltshire better than dembele in your view because i just don’t see itand flamini and arteta do not come close as def. midfielders to our 2. you carry on kidding yourselves. If your players are all so wonderful and you are such a big club why no silverware for so long? is it all bad luck or the fact that your players are not as good as you think? Methinks it’s the latter.

  10. Tony says:

    of course there is no comparison soldado is far superior thanks for clearing that up. It’s not a case of if Spurs make CL this year it’s when they make CL and at who’s expense. Just to let you know Spurs haven’t even dipped into their transfer budget yet they just spent the profit from sales.cheers wenger who chose walcott over bale, he really knows has stuff eh. nobody wanted to sign walcott on a free last february or even pay the wages he wanted, and spurs build the best squad in the country with the £86m from bales transfer fee. Arsenal can pay the rest of their £40m transfer budget into wenger’s new contract, that was always the plan. Pathetic.

  11. Tony says:

    I don’t suppose you count the 2 goals in Europe do you? thats 4 goals in five games, not bad for a team just starting out together, while as wenger says you all know one another. With the best squad in London at Tottenham how far behind them do you think Arsenal will finish? that’s either in position or points.

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