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Eriksen v Ozil stats 2012/13 and what you get for an extra £32m.

Posted on September 09, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Performance data for season 12/13 Christian Eriksen

Competition Matches - - - - - - - - -  - -
Eredivisie 33 10 17 6 289 2.887
World Cup qualification Europe 7 2 1 629
UEFA Champions League 6 1 4 540 540
Europa League 2 1 1 210
KNVB Beker 5 2 1 2 152 303
International Friendlies 3 1 1 232 232
Total: 56 14 25 1 2 8 343 4.801

Performance data for season 12/13 Mesut Ozil

Competition Matches - - - - - - - - -  - -
Primera División 32 9 16 5 9 14 225 2.022
World Cup qualification Europe 7 5 4 126 630
UEFA Champions League 10 1 4 1 2 3 721 721
Copa del Rey 8 3 2 1 3 638
Supercopa 2 1 2 162
International Friendlies 2 1 1 158
Total: 61 15 29 8 12 23 289 4.331

Above are the stats for both Christian Erikson, a player that Tottenham paid something in the region of £11.5m for from one of the great European clubs Ajax. Below his statistics are those for Arsenal’s new superstar Mesut Ozil who they purchased from Real Madrid for what all Arsenal fans keep telling us is a bargain £43m or so.

Now I know that most everybody will say that Ozil played in a better league than the Eredivisie and that would be true, but consider though the better quality of player in every position of the Real Madrid team and the fact that nobody challenges Madrid and Barca in that league. An advantage for Ozil you might think.

Lets take a closer look at the figures, they played in 56 and 61 fixtures respectively, Eriksen has 14 goals and 25 assists  against Ozil’s 15 and 29 but Ozil played in five more games. In the Champions League Eriksen played in just 6 fixtures and managed 1 goal and 4 assists the exact same as Ozil who played 4 more games.

Possibly the most startling statistic is that Eriksen started 54 of the 56 fixtures he was involved in last season in all competitions and was substituted off on just 8 occasions, Ozil on the other hand was involved in 61 fixtures but started just 49 for club and country and of those he was substituted off on no less than 23 occasions. Look carefully and you will see that in the Primera League he only started in 23 of the league games and was substituted off in 14 of those. He only averaged a little over 60 minutes in each league fixture!

I know that statistics do not tell the whole story and would never deny that Ozil does have fantastic quality, but some statistics when read in conjunction with the statistics of a recognised player can also tell you something about somebody like Christian Eriksen, here is a young player still only 21 yrs of age with years ahead of him including plenty of time to perfect his craft to an even higher level.

Those statistics tell me that Tottenham have managed to secure the services of a top quality player for about £32m less than Arsenal were forced to pay for a player boasting similar credentials in the statistical sense.

Daniel Levy strikes again.



55 to “Eriksen v Ozil stats 2012/13 and what you get for an extra £32m.”

  1. Tony says:

    thats it show your class by knocking all our new buys, why don’t you just admit spurs had a great transfer window and arsenal had to scrape around to save the day at the last minute. keep telling you he’s a good player we keep being told he is the best no.10 in the world, he might be but the point is to point out eriksen is also good gooners are so thin skinned. we are aiming above arsenal there are numerous articles stating that tottenham are going for the top.and everybody connected with the club says the same it’s your lot who keep ridiculing the idea. it must be fear.

    • Sam says:

      Fear. Haha. No fear . If you can finish above us, you would have deserved it. For many years you have been saying that spurs are as good as Arsenal, and that you will finish above us. Every year, at the start of the season, media fool you to believe this, and at the end, make fool of you. I admit that this year you have done very well in the transfer market, and I thought that you might finish above us. However, your greed took over and let you down again. You asked so much money for Bale that RM sold us Ozil. With one signing , Magical Wenger restored the order in north London and now there is no chance of you finishing above us.

      • Tony says:

        haha another gooner taken in by a single panic buy of a player that you did not need. every year they fool all you supporters and you have fallen for it you honestly think one player is going to turn you into champions? you really are all morons and deserve all you get including your stars leaving. until you stop accepting just doing enough to get 4th things will just carry on. You will all deserve what’s coming.

        • Sam says:

          What are you saying?. We never said we will Championship. All we said is that we will finish above you. Anyway, you have been trying to finish fourth for many years without much success. You know what, it’s not easy. Please try this year again.

          • Tony says:

            so all you gooners actually are happy with 4th afterall, no ambition and the board and wenger have completed the brainwashing of all the paying mugs.Can’t even win the emirates cup that says it all. a club happy to win nothing while their supporters pay the most in the uk for the privilege of losing.

        • lol says:

          Tony, we Spurs had a better transfer window, at least by small margin. Lets see if we can convert that to position

        • thegoon says:

          like you actually believe what you are saying…..mehn even you know , call it what you want panic buy blah blah, you just know that you’re in for it esp come jan,….i know you know come jan we will make you feel you did your shopping way too early. i aint even making threats you know its true, somewhere somehow the cream will rise to the top. i pity your perpertual bitterness.

          • Tony says:

            what on earth makes you think we don’t believe it, don’t give me “you know it’s true” crap. i know that Spurs were your equals last year separated by a point again, almost the same with chelsea having beaten them the year b4, i also know that the team and squad is much stronger and already we are 7 points ahead of the same time last season. give it a few weeks and the whole group will be up to speed. What I know, and most spurs supporters feel the same, is that AVB is one of the best around and spurs are going for much higher than top 4 and they are good enough to surprise the lot of you. just remember that liverpool were better than you when we took them down, city had invested close to £200m when we saw them off as well so don’t underestimate spurs or think your better than you really are. I don’t even care whether or not arsenal do make the top four all i know is that i believe spurs are destined for at least 4th. Thats what i believe and don’t try telling me otherwise.

    • thegoon says:

      which Spurs PR are you listening to? man u guys are beyond me. AVB himself came out and said spurs are aiming for top four thats it. i respected him for that cos his reason behind it was that i quote ” we dont yet have the maturity to handle the demands of playing at the top” . so to me he seems to be the best manager you havwe as he is not trying to be humble but sober minded. meaning He would be happy if spurs did finish even 3rd but his realistic goal is top four. so when I hear fans like you i just wonder how long it will take the spurs fan base to understand the game. you bought erikksen but you didnt stop there, you just had to go sizing yourselves up against arsenal and therein lies your lack of wisdom. man get over it, Arsenal didnt spend like you did but they will come jan, And just like ozil they might end up making your sigings not look so shinny so id be quite. and you just dont know whom we didnt need to sign ..e.g ramsey. maybe serge or gedion might just suprise. you guys talk too much and its like you never mature to let your team do the talking on the pitch. and no erikksen is not better than ozil, had theo put in those chances he would have had 4 assists on his debut so dont even go there

      • Tony says:

        Have you heard of playing it down to take the pressure off his players, he’s going for title don’t you worry. arsenal will spend in jan now only to try and save their top 4 position if under threat. All you gooners have been saying ‘ incl. wenger and gazides or whatever his name is, that you will spend big this summer, rooney, suarez, flamini whoops meant fellaini, fabregas, higuain, williams and you were all crying in your beer, one overpriced buy, good as he might be, isn’t going to make the difference tou still have to many average players in many positions. you do have ozil and zidane though, whoops again i meant wiltshire, how embarrassing to compare him to zidane pathetic. better start looking for those free signings for january now. if walcott was anything like decent maybe but if might aunt had,,,,,you’ve heard it b4.
        you arsenal supporters kid yourselves that you are untouchable and every year your going to win the league. not a chance that you will even be top london club and you can take that however you want give it the big- un every year but your nothing but a top 4/5 team now and have been for about 8 yrs and counting.your days are over make way for THFC.

  2. grant says:

    I can’t see anything in the article that doesn’t acknowledge Ozil as top player, it’s to show that Eriksen is also a good player in his own right. If ozil is the the top man in the position why would you compare eriksens stats to anybody else. don’t see the problem or your point.
    spurs are competing with the other 3 as shared points with city and took 4 off united last year, also finished ahead of chelsea year b4 last.COYS they’re getting rattled.

    • thegoon says:

      cos the article did the comparison, geeeze .what are spurs fans all teenagers or something.. thats what the article was about so i also dont get why you dont get the spurs fans point who wrote the article

      • grant says:

        what are you 6 the explanation has already been given the comparison is made on players at the top of their profession not somewhere midway.tha point is that Eriksen is up there close to ozil already with similar stats and still only 21. get over bitter goon. £32m saved on a player little different to what you have.

  3. steve says:

    so mourinho who calls him the must have player and worlds best no.10 really meant he was the sometimes have player and the best no 10 after willian. Mourinho only chose him to start 23 league games and allowed him to finish just 9 of those!!!! If ozil is such a must have those stats don’t bear it out and that together with RM allowing him to leave says a lot. even b4 bale came in di maria and Isco were both often preferred to ozil! Is the transfer of the century beginning to unravel for arsenal?

  4. Steve says:

    Sad comments and still you cannot get the point, this fear of spurs is just encouraging arsenal fans to slag off tottenham who also do things the right way and were the first team to win the double. they were also the first team to win a European cup when they beat madrid 5 -1 in the final in 1963. the first British club to reach the semis of the champions league when it was only for champions only losing to the winners.. don’t give me how many supporters arsenal have as it’s reducing all the time they go without winning anything, spurs though are growing.You ever been to highbury when only a few thousand there, 4500 in the 60’s how big a team is that while spurs still played to full houses in the 2 nd division of over 50,000 standing.look it up type in lowest attendance for each club doesn’t even show up for spurs it’s unheard of.
    Mark my words i can see arsenal outside the top 5 and ozil moving on, still wenger will now get his shiny new contract for more millions and continue to win sod all, you reap what you sow and all you fans deserve what’s coming if your fooled by one panic buy.
    We are the mighty Spurs and this is our year.

    • Sam says:

      Wenger will definitely outlast your next five managers.

      • Tony says:

        lets hope so because that will mean no silverware for arsenal.

        • Sam says:

          Wenger, the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history. 2 doubles, 4 titles. champions league final, 4FA cups, invincible season. Tony, does this make you feel tiny tots.

          • Tony says:

            wenger the most successful manager in arsenal’s history until the last 8 seasons! did he bang his head and actually believe you win a cup for 4th place. does this make you feel a fool sam.
            Look I don’t give a toss about arsenal all I know is that spurs have caught them up and are now ready to pass them, you can believe that ozil is all part of a master plan just like wenger has been promising for years while all your stars have buggered off.You all gave it the bigun about what you were going to spend and who you were going to buy and you got very little and no star forwards or defenders or keeper, you got for a price way over the odds a player not unlike 3 or 4 you already have. you all seem happy and taken in so live with it. Us Spurs supporters are gutted Bale left but ecstatic with the quality bought with his money. We are far stronger and have the best squad we ever had.

    • lol says:

      mate, these comments I saw last year too, lets first finish above them and talk then

    • thegoon says:

      unbelievably bitter. man i dont envy mouthing off every year and waiting for the next, how doe it really feel. some humilty and acknowledgement would help

      • Tony says:

        you really are like all the other gooners taken in by the crap told to you.wenger bought to get you all off his back and get his new contract, thats all ive read about since he signed ozil. fortunately your stars were not as gullible as you lot and eventually left to win things. if i’m not mistaken they all have,haha.
        perhaps you have read that ozil dad was trying to flog him to city or united for a few weeks but they turned him down leaving arsenal to pay over the odds for him in desperation. can you explain why it was forwards and defenders that you were making bids for and ended up with a nother creative midfielder to go with your other 6.

  5. Toppy says:

    Its ridiculous how you loosers keep comparing your club to arsenal. Why pick arsenal player to do your comparism? Gooners out there dont even care about you lots but you keep coming up with articles to show you are better. Oh! I remember its 1-1 @ newcastle.justarsenal would not even produce such a shit article like this. Anyway, keep blabbing, its what you know how to do best. You have not even won a single match convincingly and you are here saying you are the best when your £26m 29yr old striker is yet to score from open play. If you like spend £1 billion thats non of arsenal’s problem.arsenal already got 3pts from you.just face and support your team instead of picking on other’s transfer business.COYG

    • Admin says:

      You really do have a complex don’t you. since Monday we have been told that Ozil is the best playmaker in the world, we are not disputing that, but when comparing a similar player then you do compare to the best not 17th best or 51st. Bitter gooners, well done in getting 3 points at home to us with a narrow 1-0 win is that not what you expect of a team in the top 7 or 8 even.
      you carry on with your freebies and the odd overpriced star and we will carry on buying stars of the future. What’s that Walcott looks the better of him and Bale at southampton. wenger really knows his stuff. nobody wanted walcott for free and Bale went for £86m, thanks.
      You will not find one comment on this site that does not acknowledge the quality of ozil, not one but as we know bale was overpriced then so was ozil because he was a panic buy when you didn’t need that type of player. All the mouth from your club was about forwards, rooney,suarez,higuain, def mid like fellaini and you got free flamini( it sounds similar was it a mistake?) and a couple of central defenders, duhhhhhhhhhhh. Wenger bought ozil because of all the moaning and because the supporters club asked to put his contract on hold, now they have already used the ozil signing as a signal to renegotiate. Deluded, easily pleased, conned , happy to settle for CL qualification, trophyless. how many of those apply to you? let me tell you all of them because every year there are the same moans about lack of ambition and settling, In each of the last 2 summer windows arsenal have spent about £54m and this time not even that. call yourselves a big club, chelsea finished ahead of you and spent £70m to improve, same city and they spent nearly a £100m.
      This article wasn’t written to knock arsenal but to compare eriksen with a player many have said is the best no 10, there were relevant observations all factual but intended to emphasize the quality of Eriksen. get over yourselves you gooners are always whining.

      • the spiral says:

        whats all this about a narrow 1-0 win, when spurs hardly had shot, when was the last time spurs won a league game v arsenal by more than 1 goal? Seriously isnt’t a bit early for the panic to start. 13-2 bring it on

        • Tony says:

          how many more times do we have to explain to gooners that a narrow win means possession arsenal 43% spurs 57% shots arsenal 12 spurs 14 corners arsenal 3 spurs 6.. hardly had a shot turns out to be more shots, more possession and more corners. Arsenal deserved result but it was close and spurs were the away team.lucky for you the team had not had time to gel.I don’t know you tell me no need for arsenal to panic yet your still level on points at the moment.

          • Sam says:

            Tony, I am sure, at the end of the season, you will again show us some stats to prove that Spurs were better than Arsenal, but then blame the luck for finishing below us.

          • Tony says:

            won’t need stats the table will tell the story. we didn’t blame luck for the past 2 seasons always said it was lack of experience and redknapp/england distraction. different this year. you will have the stats and the bad luck stories while ozil scores 30 goals and 60 assists.

          • the spiral says:

            Come on were all big boys here at no point did spurs look like scoring, if you believe any different its gonna be a hard season for your blood pressure. Anyway both teams have it all to do but i would rather the arsenal squad that has proven that it can get the job done at the business end of the season. we’ll see

          • Tony says:

            the stats don’t lie they are the facts. of course you are in for a hard season as if that is all you have from home advantage and a team that has played together for a year up against a newly constructed team travelling to your ground and striving to gel.what i see is that spurs have lots more in the locker when all the players are up to speed but not much more to come from arsenal.Unfortunately for you spurs now have a squad big enough and good enough to see it through to the end. Unlucky for Arsenal.

      • Toppy says:

        @admin i think you more claimed its just 1-0, right? Man get a grip, this is the same score line you have in your 1st 2matches and you say its just 1-0. You called ozil a panick buy? I will remind you @the end of the season. If 42.5m is a lot of money for a player of ozil calibar then can you explain 26m for 29yr old striker.

        • admin says:

          Firstly soldado is only 28 and £26 m for a proven goalscorer with more than 20 league goals in each of the last 4 seasons is about right afterall you were prepared to pay £40m and a pound for a player like that , secondly a 1-0 away victory with a new team is far better than a 3-1 home defeat with a settled team to villa. One great player might make a difference in a team of great players but arsenal don’t have many players of high standard, probably only cazorla and wiltshire when he’s fit.

      • thegoon says:

        do you mean we have settled for the same UCL which made you spend 100m plus to “TRY” getting into, and hire how many managers in the process, for how many years now? am done lol

        • Tony says:

          get your facts right we spent some of the transfer money received for our players, not for us giving all our stars away.if your going into the past when did you last win anything cos it’s longer than us. duhhhh.

  6. steve says:

    so in another 9 years we can expect arsenal to win a trophy again, by then ozil will be 31yrs. don’t you think spurs are the same full houses everywhere they go and that’s without CL and much in the way of success for longer than you. when we do win a trophy this season and qualify for CL then watch us fly. Lets see if you still love your club after fifty years of supporting them or when they go thru an even rougher patch because it’s coming. do you think wenger will stick around when you fail to get CL? doubtful he will be off to PSG.
    Your right patience does pay and it’s about to for Spurs.

  7. Jide says:

    Iyke Oriji, Like all Woolwich gooners, you lot need to grow up! I have read that article twice and I cannot see anything negative about Ozil. The only sensible comment you have made is that we will see who is better on the park by January. You lot are putting so much pressure on Ozil that all you gooners believe he will play in all positions!

    I am happy with our signings, the fact that we have almost 2 players for every position. When the EPL becomes tough in February, we have enough subs to cope. The question is can the Woolwich gooners honestly say the same? No in my opinion.

    • Tony says:

      Short, sweet and to the point, I couldn’t agree more.

    • lol says:

      Let Jan come, gunners will buy more if they need to.Bales dont come every season to Spurs, and though he was worth 100M, I would have kept him and bought 3 players

      • Tony says:

        The point you are missing is that spurs spent nothing, in fact they are about £5m in front and reduced wage bill, with an extra £60m tv money as well as perhaps their normal £20m or £30m transfer fund spurs still have a fortune available if needed come jan. another record signing perhaps to see success through. We were all sick of the one man team tag which was crap anyway, but it’s been put to bed with a great squad and lots of top players. AVB thinks he might have another superstar in Lamela as well.

  8. Jide says:

    Trophyless for almost 10 years now the Woolwich gooners. They could not even win the one they sponsor pre-season this year! Says a lot about the team. I have never seen such a bunch g of turncoats! 3 weeks ago, they all wanted Wenger out, he panic buys Ozil, it’s all ‘in Arsene we trust’ again! I bet iyke Oriji is one of those turncoats!

    • craig says:

      they are all the same and I’ll bet that had wenger been able to negotiate his new contract without the hatred thrown the clubs way he wouldn’t have even bought ozil. within hours of signing they are already lauding wenger for pulling off the deal and sorting his contract. they are just mugging off arsenal supporters and they are falling for it again.
      Are they all really that gullible?

      • Sam says:

        Even if we are complaining, we are complaining about our own club and our own signing. However, spuds were having a go at Levy that Arsenal bought Ozil, that Levy didn’t complain to RM hard enough not to sell Ozil to us. Pathetic.

  9. admin says:

    haha ok your on by game 8 we should be firing.

  10. Caleb says:

    I rate Erikson a lot but ozil is a much better player

    • Tony says:

      Ozil is the finished article while Eriksen has a couple of years to get there.Still stats are very similar and if they remain close then as stated pound for pound Eriksen will be a great buy.

      • Caleb says:

        I agree I think eriksen is going to be a quality player, and he’s the type spurs have been missing, he was a bargain for £11.5 million if he had three years left on his contract I reckon his value would be doubled

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