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Everyone is waiting for Tottenham to hit the wall.

Posted on March 08, 2013 by Guest Writer

Before each and every game so called experts give their opinion and prediction on upcoming fixtures, currently the most common feature of almost every article written is that Tottenham have yet to experience a bad run of performance and results. Just today ex-gunner Paul Merson, affectionately known as “Merse” on Sky Sports knocks the credibility of both Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez in relation to the Footballer of the Year award, he suggests that although they have both done well in average sides the award should be given to Van Persie who has won the league for United. Surely the award is given to the player most deserving based upon their ability and not simply to the player scoring most goals for the best team, on that basis Fergie will be Manager of the Year when we know that he is not.

Merse goes on to imply that Tottenham are not as good as other experts have said they are and he fully expects Liverpool to take them down a peg or two. Following their crushing defeat he expects Arsenal to win their game in hand against Swansea away and then go on and win at least 7 of their remaining 9 matches and so take that elusive fourth spot from Tottenham, Simple eh!

Still in cloud Sky Sports, ex-scouser and son to the sacked Harry Redknapp actually gives the award to Suarez, his reasoning being that Bale had only scored 6 goals up until Christmas, ignoring the 15 goals in just 2 months since. Redknapp goes on to say that he expects Tottenham to be a good test for Liverpool who are on a hot streak at the moment, conveniently forgetting that they have failed to beat any of the top ten sides in the division with the exception of Swansea ( Swansea rested 7 players for their Cup Final a few days later at Wembley), there is also the small matter that the current form of Tottenham is not too shabby and they are undefeated since the 9th December. No matter they are due a bad run soon.

Though not impossible it would be naive to think that Tottenham will not suffer a defeat or two before the season is over, even the odd draw, but why would these people actually expect that either Arsenal or Liverpool have performed sufficiently well up to this point to suggest that they might actually win 8 or 9 of their remaining fixtures.

Liverpool could well win or draw on Sunday, Suarez or Van Persie are just as likely to be voted Player of the Year as Gareth Bale, but the level of performance of this Tottenham team and their ability to fight and battle for every point does not suggest that they might now lose 6 or 7 of their remaining fixtures, and just to be clear Inter Milan, amongst others might tell you that they are every bit as good as they are made out to be.

They say that respect is earned and so I would suggest that Tottenham have already earned the right to some respect by their performances these past few months,  but also by virtue of the fact that are currently and regularly one of the top four teams in the Premier League and have been for a few seasons.


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