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Expected Tottenham lineup to take on Chelsea.

Posted on March 08, 2014 by Guest Writer

Tim Sherwood has had very little time to work with the team this week following a period of international fixtures, the last before the season finishes thank goodness, but as far as we are aware he has fared very well in terms injuries with no reports of any further problems occurring in those games, in fact many of his players were excused duty or took little part in proceedings, even Paulinho only played the first 45 minutes for Brazil against South Africa. There are still doubts over the fitness of Kyle Walker, Danny Rose and Christian Eriksen and it is defensively that all the problems regarding selection remain with three fullbacks potentially unavailable, with only two fit centre backs even the option of Vertonghen switching roles is also out of the question.

Apart from defensive problems Sherwood also has to struggle with the right blend in midfield and offensively, does he go with two up front?

Subject to injury issues.

Subject to injury issues.

can he trust Eriksen to provide the defensive buffer in front of whichever left back is fit or play him centrally at the expense of a more robust central partnership. I have to say that though I believe Tottenham are capable of taking something from this game I do not envy Sherwood the task facing him as Mourinho is a master at second guessing and setting his team up to take advantage of any weaknesses in the opposing ranks. It will need a chance or two to be taken by Sherwood to overcome this Chelsea team, a chance with the fitness of one or two or the ability of some of his players to outshine the opposition.

Sandro is surely going to be a key player again today, he has always relished facing Chelsea and alongside Dembele will be vital, while on the right he will have to choose between Lennon and Townsend as with a five man midfield and only Adebayor up front the creative ability of Eriksen will be needed. My guess is that both teams will set up in a 4 3 3 formation with both sets of wide offensive players being given the freedom to wander, with the extra defensive awareness of Lennon he will probably get the nod ahead of Townsend.

Three points today is not essential but a performance is,  the must win games begin after today though a point or three at Stamford Bridge would certainly ease the pressure.




2 to “Expected Tottenham lineup to take on Chelsea.”

  1. Jide says:

    Let it be said, our season is truly over now. The team is simply not good enough. 20 goals against City, Liverpool and Chelsea shows how weak we are as a team. Sherwood will not be there next season after his outburst, but for once I agree with his comments;these set of players need to take a good look at themselves and be honest and ask whether or not they deserve to wear the Spurs shirt.

    Managers can be blamed for technical and tactical aspects of the game, but when players cross that white line, they should be men enough to take and make decisions as professional footballers especially when things are not going according to plan. What I saw yesterday were errors that are not even made on Sunday league pitches. The performance was worse than shambolic after the first goal. To see Kaboul fiddling with his boot laces while play is still going in his half and Walker for that bizarre and unexplainable back header then throwing his hands up like a helpless kid, both actions which led to the team conceding unnecessary goals did it for me. They made a Chelsea team that good look half decent. A number of players are simply not good enough and lack the mental fortitude to stand up and be counted. I agree with Sherwood, they lack guts and character.

    • Tony says:

      I agree to some extent but he chose those players with no apparent backbone and so the fault lies with him and yet take a look at the bench, Paulinho, Townsend, Kane, Soldado, all players that put in a shift. adebayor was back to his usual ineffective self, no challenges in the air and never in the box to take advantage of any situations that might have come his way. Bentaleb looked shaky from the off and Fryers looked so off the pace when he came on I was shocked. Walker for all his faults is a wholehearted performer and a winner and so I can accept his occasional errors. You have to say our bench looked stronger than the team in some areas and though I always hoped to be proven wrong on Sherwood he is what he is a complete novice out of his depth at the level Tottenham are currently at and more so where they want to be.
      i have to agree that this season is over for us as there is no chance of achieving a result over Arsenal or Liverpool, sad but true.

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