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Fabregas shock as he prefers United over Arsenal.

Posted on May 26, 2013 by Guest Writer

Even though Arsenal have first refusal on Cesc Fabregas it seems that, even if Barcelona call time on a dream that has nor quite worked, the player himself really doesn’t fancy that option. The money is on his reappearing in a red shirt but in Manchester with United and his old colleague Robin Van Persie.

Theo Walcott has called on his teammates at Arsenal to mount a title challenge next season, but it seems that even his old teammates don’t really see that happening and would appear to be steering clear of another misleading period at the Emirates. They got out once and the prospect of another stint is not very appealing it seems.

Arsenal have obviously been encouraged by their run in to pip Tottenham for 4th position with 8 wins and a couple of draws, obviously that run of results was very commendable and was by far their best period of the season, not wishing to knock the run but it only commenced once Arsenal had been knocked out of every competition enabling them to concentrate their focus on the one “trophy” still available to them, 4th position. Along the way they beat all 3 relegated teams and the highest placed team was Swansea, with draws at home against 6th placed Everton and a Manchester United team that had been crowned champions just a few days earlier.

Now Arsenal might yet mount a challenge next season and they might just spend big this summer, but they have a long way to go before that run and a few comments from Theo Walcott could possibly convince any great players to join them.

Unfortunately Arsenal are now just ahead of Tottenham in the food chain as the likes of Chelsea and City forge ahead with the finances fees and wages available to them. Monaco, PSG, Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and a few eastern bloc teams also have the clout with billions available due to their wealthy ownership. These teams have swept up so many of the best players, many for immediate impact but in some cases hundreds of millions on potential and players for the future. Platini is attempting to bring in fair play rules in relation to finances and already a couple of clubs have been made an example of, none though carry the clout of the clubs mentioned above and so the rich and powerful will probably continue on their merry way.

As for Arsenal welcome to the world of all but the mega rich, rather than hope that a team like Tottenham can never qualify for the Champions League or do well in it or the domestic title challenge, your attitude needs to change as Arsenal are in the same boat of trying to keep up with billionaire owners and their playthings.


8 to “Fabregas shock as he prefers United over Arsenal.”

  1. tom says:

    These gooners really do make me laugh, they finish a point ahead of Spurs and believe because of that they cannot be caught and yet they seem to expect to make up 20pts on United to win the title. Sad. They might have £70m to spend but nobody worthwhile wants to join them.

  2. John says:

    And no where did Fabregas says he prefers United over Arsenal. Come on man I have read a lot of articles on this site but I would say this is by far the worst trying to captivate people into reading by putting misleading headlines.

    • Guest Writer says:

      There are increasing numbers of reports suggesting Fabregas could be on his way from Barca. as he has never quite nailed down the midfield role he expected. A return to the EPL is the natural alternative but rather than at one of the Manchester clubs or Chelsea it’s always United in the frame especially with the retirement of Scholes.

  3. Arsenal4life says:

    spurs fans don´t want to admit that arsenal is better than tottenham HAHA

    • Tony says:

      One point doesn’t make you superior just luckier

      • Arsenal4life says:

        Well, we are in champions league and you´re in europe league, sorry to say that HAHA

        • Tony says:

          they normally say “you have to be in it to win it” of course that isn’t the case for Arsenal and they will be gone early march as usual. Spurs though have every chance of winning the other competition.

  4. Thierry says:

    what aload of tosh this article is! Where has fabregas said that he prefers united over arsenal? Nowhere thats where! Spurs fans saying we are luckier to of finished above them yet again! Deluded fans. Luck has nothing to do with the final premier league table standings, FACT!

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