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Financial Fair Play rules explained.

Posted on August 01, 2013 by Guest Writer

As you might all know Platini’s Fair Play rules came into being last year and already it is clear that it is beginning to take the desired effect, with half the transfer window gone and with many of the elite players having already been snapped up let us remind ourselves in laymans terms of some of the key elements of the rules.

French teams-Exempt


Italian teams-Exempt


Spanish teams-Exempt


German teams-Watch them but Bayern Munich seem to have everything under control.


English teams-Remind them at every opportunity of their obligations especially leading up to every transfer window and at least twice daily during the window. Ensure that investigation teams are based in England and continuously vet the accounts of all teams likely to qualify for any European competition.

Objectives: Use whatever means possible to prevent future success for English teams in European competition and especially the Champions League, it will not happen overnight but ultimately reduce the number of English teams eligible to enter the Champions League to a maximum of two. If an opportunity arises to ban them from the competition for a few years please refer to Michel Platini.

Obviously ridiculous but based upon events it just seems that only England is taking the regulation seriously, a bit like the some of the crazy EU regulations, all the other big European Leagues teams are spending like never before , PSG, Monaco and especially Real Madrid, they have all spent more than £100m on fees alone and bought players at the top of their profession, Madrid have already spent a net £60m but seem intent on buying Bale for around £100m with a wage package on top of another £80m or so. while all this is going on English teams are steering clear of the players with enormous price tags citing FFP rules as a reason that they will only go so far, and yet six English teams make up the top eleven richest clubs!

Until such time as Platini and his organisation take action against one of the big clubs nothing will change but what are the odds that when they do an English club will be on the receiving end, the odds will be even shorter that it will be Tottenham and again deny them involvement.

2 to “Financial Fair Play rules explained.”

  1. Jim says:

    Good piece.
    Manchester City seem to have spent quite a lot.
    I would have thought there needs to be some form of annual report of figures on FFP.
    Otherwise it will just end up a laughing stock.
    If UEFA fail, I’d have thought the press ought to highlight any failings.

    • Tony says:

      annual reports seem to be the answer , the likes of city and PSG will still be able to massage the figures by awarding contracts from their own companies for inflated amounts as they have already done. We all know they will make scapegoats of a couple of the lesser lights but eventually will have to abandon the project.

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